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Hypnotherapy Course Testimonials

These are some comments from previous trainees on the Uncommon Knowledge Diploma in Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy:

"Has helped me immensely in my work and private life"

"An extremely comprehensive course presented by people who care about doing the best job that they can. Has helped me immensely in my work and private life and is already bringing benefits to myself, my friends and family. "

"I am used to a very professional style of training in my day job and this course matches my expectations."

Alan Hearton, Pilot, Gravesend

"With every step doing the course my enthusiasm and desire to learn increased"

"This is by far the best course I have attended, it has already benefitted me both professionally and personally. Uncommon Knowledge manage to balance beautifully a highly professional profile whilst maintaining a safe and friendly learning experience. With every step doing the course my enthusiasm and desire to learn increased which is a credit not just to Mark and Jill but all the staff at unk who made my learning experience so enjoyable. Thank you!"

Tim Houghton, Teacher of Karate, Lancing, West Sussex

"I can't recommend the course highly enough"

"This course, Jill, Mark and the supervisors have all been instrumental in me becoming a much stronger and all round individual. It has been an incredible journey of self discovery and fulfillment which no more than 18 months ago I would have flinched at the very idea of doing."

"I have applied what I have learnt in my everyday life and work life to help me and others and the difference has been amazing. I plan to set up a hypnotherapy practice as a hypnotherapist alongside my existing business. I can't recommend the course highly enough. It's really life changing."

John Hatch, Interior designer, Exeter

"I feel passionate about taking forward what I have learned."

"I have attended many courses and yours are without doubt the most informative, enjoyable and hypnotic!!!!"

"Incredible course. It would be an amazing world if everyone knew this stuff. I had almost been going through my life with my eyes half shut without realizing. My eyes are now very much more open and I feel passionate about taking forward what I have learned."

"It is a great feeling to be included in the amazing therapeutic ripple effect that begins with Uncommon Knowledge and I now look forward with much excitement to being one of the many who help this ripple effect continue. "

Mark Pegler, Solicitor, Birmingham

"it's given me a set of tools for life"

"I think that the Uncommon Knowledge Diploma course should be taught in schools as it's given me a set of tools for life that I wish I had years ago. It will definitely keep my life in balance and hopefully for other as well. The teaching style is unique, course directors inspiring and students were a supportive group to learn with. I would recommend it to anyone."

Deborah Tiley, Public Relations, Beaconsfield

"I whole heartedly recommend it to anyone who seriously wants to help people"

"The Course was brilliant. I enjoyed everything about it. Learned an amazing amount of very useful info and techniques. Met wonderful people and did a lot of personal growth too."

"It feels wonderful to have the tools and knowledge to make such a big and speedy difference to peoples lives. Doing this course has been the best thing that I have ever done and I whole heartedly recommend it to anyone who seriously wants to help people live happier lives and improve their own."

Alison Ward, Coach/Trainer, Eastbourne, East Sussex

"5 star standards throughout, first class learning experience"

"Thoroughly enjoyed, learnt and grew due to all asopects of the course."

"5 star standards throughout, first class learning experience- will recommend. I intend to use hypnotherapy in all areas of my lofe, personal and professional."

"Thank you for all your hardwork it clearly showed in the seamless experience of a 1st class learning experience."

Emma Disney, Counsellor, Eastbourne, East Sussex

"Powerful stuff indeed - strongly recommended"

""This course has had a major impact on my personal and professional life. Powerful stuff indeed - strongly recommended."

Paul Myszor, Chartered Educational Psychologist

"This has undoubtedly been the best yet."

"Holding three post graduate Diplomas made me feel something of an expert in the 'course' world. This has undoubtedly been the best yet."

"What is complex information has been made accessible and easy to understand and applicable to therapy and consultancy work in a really positive way."

"As a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) it was hard to know where to look for CPD opportunities. This course seemed to offer something new and exciting. I enrolled and was never disappointed." "It has radically changed my view on how public policy just misses the point when seeking to address long term unemployment, social work training, multi-agency working. I aim to use the learning to combat this. . ."

Thank you for putting together such a well planned, delivered and organized course. I wasn't sure what to expect when I enrolled but what I have experienced completely exceeded any small pre-conceptions I had. May your influence continue to grow, like ripples in a pond!"

Michelle Spirit, Education and Training Consultant, Chichester, West Sussex

"...impeccably organized, timed and managed."

Uncommon Knowledge should run courses on how to run courses it was impeccably organized, timed and managed. I have never been on a course where so much faith was shown in the delegates and our ups and downs were so expertly managed to bring us so far in such a short time. I'm looking forward to carrying on practicing, learning and developing! Thank you so much."

Rebecca Welch, Personnel Manager, Hampshire

"The best training I've taken, personally and professionally."

"An absolutely amazing course; professional, fascinating, the latest information on all aspects of how humans are and how we can live more fulfilling lives. The best training I've taken, personally and professionally. I thoroughly enjoyed Mark and Jill's unique styles in delivering lectures, their vast knowledge imparted in such an easy manner, their great sense of humour and the dynamics of the whole team lecturers, mentors, supervisors and students."

"This training left me inspired and so confident that what I've learnt and experienced is the best start up to a new career, equipped with all the tools necessary to go and make a difference to all those people I haven't met yet! as I know the work I've done so far has already helped change people's lives for the better. I've left a full time, high profile sales role to embark on getting this stuff out there to more people and to those in particular who may not have previously considered how they could benefit from this kind of approach"

"Finally I'd like to add that I remember reading a letter from UNK about the course and what an Uncommon Therapist is. It listed numerous psychotherapeutic approaches and summarized an UNK Therapist was all those things. I was excited by that prospect and now I have completed the courses I can say that statement is entirely accurate. Thank you for exceeding my high expectations."

Sarah Echeverri, Hypnotherapist, Hove, East Sussex

"...presented very professionally."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the diploma course. The course was presented very professionally and yet by people who are obviously passionate about what they do. This passion was infectious and I find myself now doing the same thing. I feel I have learned so much in the last year about hypnotherapy and about myself. For the first time in my working life I am excited by the possibilities ahead of me. There is a real sense of a door opening up as I prepare to walk through it.."

Phillip Burrows, Kent

"I learnt more... then I did doing a 3 year degree in Pyschology!"

"I learnt more in this year about how we think and behave than I did doing a 3 year degree in Psychology! It's changed my perspective on life..."

"I think it's made me a happier more centred person. I feel I'm able to deal with situations that I felt lost in before and has given me loads more confidence in myself and my abilities.. It has improved my professional skills at work. I have used a lot of Solution Focused principles and tools in both coaching individuals and in my training delivery. I have seen some amazing progress in people I work with, which I know wouldn't have happened if I wasn't using the skills I have gained on this course. Thank you for all of this and for the gifts I take into the future. A quote I heard the other day really rings true for this course: 'The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to him his own'. Benjamin Disraeli "

Sam Dunnett, People Development Facilitator, Peacehaven, East Sussex

"...couldn't have chosen a better way to spend my money!"

"...the comprehensive explanations and demonstrations combined with the humorous approach and mentor support (invaluable) paved the way perfectly... couldn't have chosen a better way to spend my money!"

Paula Newman, Jeweller Brighton, East Sussex

"Uncommon Knowledge far surpass all."

"I have now found my vocation in life and thanks to Uncommon Knowledge the direction and qualifications have put me on the road to where I want to go. I feel confident about what I have learned and can put it into practice straight away. I how have such a thirst for helping people move forward. My life has turned a point where I know I can be of true value to myself and others. I have trained with many schools on different subjects. Uncommon Knowledge far surpass all. They were very entertaining also, making the learning a pleasure."

Mandy Paley, Adminstrator (soon to be self-employed Hypnotherapist), Brighton, East Sussex

"I came out... feeling confident"

"I have studied a Degree and a Masters Degree as well as a Master Practitioner in NLP. None of them compare to the level of learning and understanding of the subject given to you by the teaching methods of this course. I really came out the back end of this course feeling confident about using all of the material from day one. The skills I have learned on the course have benefited me in many areas of my life, both at home and in my current job and I look forward to turning what I have learned from the course into a full time profession."

Nick Meredith, Commercial Associate Director, Peterborough

"I felt like a capable safe therapist from the summer onwards and left already feeling experienced."

"I've sat through cripplingly dull engineering and computer lectures with bad course planning, no handouts or mentoring. The entertaining lectures, the handouts, mentoring, supervising and planning seemed like they'd had so much thought put into them. If a student uses all the resources and suggestions made available to them they can't fail to do well. The forum is another really helpful aspect as were the downloads. The textbooks were brilliant and went with the course really well. I felt like a capable safe therapist from the summer onwards and left already feeling experienced. I think I am a very good therapist and have 100% belief in what I'm doing with the clients. I will continue to practice and make sure I practice what I preach most of the time. Can't wait to see where I get now having such fantastic human understanding. Thank you."

Lynne Sommerville, Hypnotherapist, Brighton, East Sussex

"the Uncommon Knowledge hypnotherapy course was simply the best"

"I had decided to look to do a course on hypnosis/psychology because I needed further skills to complement my practice as a mental health nurse."

"After looking at many sites it became clear that the Uncommon Knowledge hypnotherapy course was simply the best because it encapsulated all aspects of my work with clients in the community.
"My criteria for a course were it had to come from an evidence base with well grounded research as to the theories and practices taught. The Uncommon Knowledge course certainly does that."

"The weekend hypnosis course ‘changed my life’ because I feel more empowered to not only help my clients, but take time out to give myself an opportunity to MOT my mind."

"I have been using the tools and techniques from the weekend to help people into a relaxed hypnotic state and Found this new way of working targets what is personal to the client and their specific problems rather than use generic scripts or CD's."

"Without doubt it is important for the individual contemplating any training in hypnotherapy to research, research and research again all the other schools and colleges offering training. After extensive searching I have no hesitation in recommending Uncommon Knowledge as being top of my list simply because they offer the most comprehensive and complete training I feel is available in the UK today. "

Kevin Rees, Mental Health Nurse

"Choosing to undertake your course has taken me on an incredible journey which has not only enabled me to help others but has empowered me to meet all of lifes challenges, now and in the future."

Veryan F Cooper
Read all of Veryan's letter

"A really enjoyable and fulfilling experience."

"The course has already helped me personally to relax and also improved both my personal and work relationships - far fewer "head to heads".
Streets ahead of my counselling diploma which was two years of agony. I am already using the skills with private clients I have seen. I feel so much more confident than before. A really enjoyable and fulfilling experience."

Jose Penrose, Charity Manager/Counsellor

"A well structured and enlightened course."

"A well structured and enlightened course providing the student with the confidence and tools to go out and practice. The course material and pace of introduction of real clients at an early stage set it apart from the clinical, narrowly focused, theoretical and prescriptive approaches of some of the London schools. Excellent. Thank you."

Guy Baglow, Therapist

"I came rather cautiously..."

"I came rather cautiously, knowing that it is easy for such a course to be blinkered, over dogmatic, even fundamentalist. I was totally reassured from the first weekend. Previous training has either been solidly 'medical', or totally 'alternative' where tutors and students tend to be equally dogmatic and awash with chi, prana and furiously spinning chakras. It has been a relief to be part of a course firmly planted in sound science, but which can see the human being as something/someone more than a collection of levers, pulleys, tubes and electro-chemical reactions."

"This course has given me great personal development - attitudes and techniques which have made me already a more rounded person, and given me the start of a professional extension which will make me a better doctor and therapist."

Dr Peter Bellamy, therapist and retired GP

"Since commencing the course, not only have my stress levels during my normal working day reduced significantly, but I have also had the opportunity to help friends and family overcome some of their own obstacles. I intend to pursue therapy rigorously as a career and have already set the wheels in motion. Thanks for all your help, advice, guidance and teachings!"

Andrew Leen, Insurance Consultant

"...this course was enlightening."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel that it has changed my own circumstances immensely. I use what I've learnt daily and know I feel more optimistic. Some years ago I took a child psychology course and found it was quite depressing and I was fully aware having been in therapy with my children that going over the past was not changing the present for them. So this course was enlightening. I dearly hope to use my qualification and am discussing at the present time with another colleague the possibility of going into practice."

Edwina Sheer, Housewife

"On a personal level this course has taught me balance of thought and feeling. It just goes to show that you can achieve anything and I will."

Dawn Tottle, Reiki Therapist

"I was very attracted by the balance of the course, between theory/practical/home study. The course gave me the confidence to deal with clients. I have progressed rapidly on a personal development basis and I use solution focused language and reframing instinctively at work and outside. I feel very empowered to have a cluster of skills to help other people and appreciate seeing the bigger picture. Thank you!"

Stephen German, Legal Services Commission

"Although I came on the course so I could do therapy part-time, it surprised me how effective and useful the techniques were in my day-to-day business life."

Richard Boele, Consultant, Kingston Business School

"As an occupational psychologist specialising in stress-related issues, I came onto the introductory course to help me feel less self-conscious about doing group relaxation exercises. I then got 'hooked' by the obvious effectiveness and lack of mystique with which the subject was approached. The course has led me to working directly with the public - an option I had not previously considered."

Jay Roseveare, Occupational Psychologist

"Although I'm not intending to provide psychotherapy in the immediate future the course was I) immensely interesting from the point of view if understanding aspects of psychotherapy and communication ii) useful in my teaching job where focusing attention and motivation is pivotal iii) a growth-point personally and iv) a chance to spend time with an excellent bunch of people."

Simon Gregg, Teacher

"An excellent balance of theory, practice and the real thing."

"I found the course very useful. I started to use the techniques with some of my existing counselling clients. The tutors were excellent at demonstrating the skills and passing them on to me. An excellent balance of theory, practice and the real thing - with clients. Plenty of opportunity for support and an ideal setup to learn about hypnotherapy and solution-focused therapy. Brilliant!"

Mike Lawley, Counselling Trainer

"This is a life-changing course and very rewarding. Not only does it offer new tools and strategies for life, it also presents whole new perspectives on it. I enjoyed it immensely."

Jane Raven, Careers Advisor, Sussex

"I really found the course thoroughly edifying and intend to practise part-time at present. I would certainly recommend it to anyone with an interest in hypnotherapy."

Steve Griffiths, Sales Manager, Brighton

"Thank you for a very significant experience."

"I originally approached the hypnotherapy course on a personal basis having had some limited success in using self-hypnosis techniques to help me with problems of sleeping, controlling anxiety and building self-confidence in general. The theory and practical techniques the course has taught have helped enormously in this direction.

Moreover, the practical experience of the course had reframed my attitude to working with clients to the extent that I now feel that I can offer something of real value. I am continuing to be able to make a significant contribution to friends and acquaintances and am considering practising further afield. Thank you for a very significant experience."

Michael Blee, London

"This course has helped me become more confident in the outcome of my work generally. It has taught me to use my natural tendency to use whatever works, rather than stay rooted in one method, and helped me become more objective in my criticism of techniques and therapies that I am suspicious of ! I enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks!"

Liz Hoare, Richmond upon Thames

"I was probably more sceptical than most people..."

"Well here I am, a little over half way through the year and a completely different person to 2 years ago. I'm much more positive, energetic and enthusiastic about every aspect of my life and the course and its amazing benefits."

"Sadly, in the last few months my mother in law has been diagnosed with advanced bone cancer but the huge resource of practical knowledge this course delivers can only help me to help her and my wife/family to cope in what clearly is a difficult situation. Learning about the power of the mind/body connection and the fantastic and wonderfully inspiring stories of how people can overcome terrible adversity with positive thinking is such a revelation. I know now that my heart and future lies in practicing hypnotherapy. Whatever happens it will always remain the most useful and beneficial course I have ever attended and believe me I've attended a few in my time!"

"I can only add that I would have absolutely no reservations what so ever about recommending anyone to learn more about this subject through Uncommon Knowledge, as clearly your well researched and professional approach pays tribute to your collective enthusiasm for your subject. I trust and hope that I can continue to have a positive and beneficial effect on the lives of those I meet both socially and in practice next year. It's a real shame that hypnotherapy is still not regarded by the general public as "mainstream" therapy, I have become a total convert and considering I was probably more sceptical than most people, that in itself is a major endorsement of the benefits of this course."

Nick Powley
Director, Bandwidth Technologies International Group Ltd

"Uncommon Knowledge should run courses on how to run courses"

"I think Uncommon Knowledge should run courses on how to run courses! Everything was very well timed and a vast body of complex knowledge was delivered very effectively. The whole atmosphere is very supportive, with great generosity of time and advice. The mentor system is a particularly good feature. Personally speaking, it's been a life-changing and life-enhancing experience. I feel that I have the strongest possible foundation for a career as a professional hypnotherapist."

Ian Sherred


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