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Hypnotherapy Course Modules (3)

Module 10 – Mind/body connection

• Creating physical responses using hypnosis
• Utilising the placebo response
• How emotions affect health
• The power of the mind to heal the body
• IBS, skin conditions, migraines
Module 11 – Depression and grief

• The latest knowledge about depression
• How to lift depression in a single session
• The roles and limitations of cognitive, behavioural and
interpersonal therapy for depression
• The central role of dreaming in maintaining depression and
what to do about it
• Natural grief and healthy readjustment

Module 12 – Peak performance

• How to access the flow state
• Optimising performance through hypnosis
• Pre-setting patterns for success
• Overcoming perceived limitations

Module 13 – Confidence and self-esteem

• Exploding the myths of self-esteem
• Where low self-esteem comes from and how to lift it
• How to gauge someone’s level of self-esteem
• Building confidence for stressful situations
• Self esteem-destroying thinking styles and how to
alter them

Module 14 – Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

• The importance of deconditioning anxiety in OCD and how
to do it
• The central role of basic human needs
• Stepwise approach to reducing obsessive behaviours
• Tasking and paradoxical interventions
• The compulsive trance and how to break it

Module 15 – Business & marketing

• How to set up your own business
• How to create a thriving practice
• Professional memberships and insurance

"Since commencing the course, not only have my stress levels during my normal working day reduced significantly, but I have also had the opportunity to help friends and family overcome some of their own obstacles. I intend to pursue therapy rigorously as a career and have already set the wheels in motion. Thanks for all your help, advice, guidance and teachings!"
Andrew Leen, Insurance Consultant

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Mark Tyrrell
Creative Director

"An excellent balance of theory, practice and the real thing... Brilliant!"

Mike Lawley, Counselling Trainer, London

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