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Hypnotherapy Course Modules (1)

The Diploma Course modules

The Hypnotherapy Course is divided into clear-cut modules, each supported by comprehensive course notes. The modules take place over 9 weekends; see the booking form for dates.

Module 1 – Hypnosis workshop

What is hypnosis?
• How to hypnotise yourself and others
• Principal hypnotic techniques
• Trance states and depression, anxiety, anger & addictions
• Why depression makes you dream more
• Basic needs for emotional health and physical wellbeing
• Self hypnosis for relaxation, confidence and performance

Module 2 – Solution focused therapy

• Miracle questioning
• Finding and amplifying resources
• The Human Givens approach
• Agreeing strategy and measurable goals
• Creating optimism and expectancy quickly
• Using solution focused questions to hypnotise

Module 3 – Advanced hypnosis

• Advanced hypnotic language patterns
• Developing deep rapport quickly
• Ericksonian approaches
• Skills for effective communication
• Reframing – the heart of therapy
• Pain management with hypnosis
• Indirect conversational hypnosis
• Dreaming & metaphor
• The truth about false memory syndrome and regression

Module 4 – Addictions and smoking cessation

• The Uncommon Smoking Cessation System
• How addictions control and how to ‘unhook’ them – a ‘pact
with the devil’
• How to break the addictive trance s
• The commonality in all addictive patterns

You can now learn the Uncommon Knowledge Smoking Cessation system online with our Smoking Cessation Training course.

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Mark Tyrrell
Creative Director

"Uncommon Knowledge far surpass all."

"I have trained with many schools on different subjects. Uncommon Knowledge far surpass all. They were very entertaining also, making the learning a pleasure."

Mandy Paley, Adminstrator , Brighton, East Sussex Read more testimonials