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Hypnosis Training Workshop

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Hypnosis Training Workshop

Our hypnosis training workshop has been attended by over 3000 people over the last ten years, and during that time has developed into a fun and fascinating way to learn about hypnosis and how to do it.

As well as receiving what we think is the best hypnosis training available, you'll learn about everyday trance states, see a phobia cured, gain life-enhancing insights into how hypnosis 'sticks' problem states such as anxiety, anger and depression and generally have a great weekend - we promise :-)

The video above is an excerpt from the hypnosis training workshop featured on our DVD Hypnosis Unwrapped.

Here's what you will learn on the training weekend:

  • The ability to hypnotise yourself and others

  • A solid understanding of what exactly hypnosis is and how it works

  • The ability to relax deeply in under 2 minutes

  • Hypnosis Workshop Free Hypnosis Training Pack CD and Scripts
    On arrival at the workshop you will recieve this CD and scripts package worth £23.95. Use them to improve your hypnosis skills, or just relax!

    Can't make it to the workshop? Learn hypnosis at home with our Hypnosis DVD or learn hypnosis online
    The skills needed to relax others using your voice and body language

  • How to use hypnosis in everyday life

  • How to write your own trance script

  • FREE course notes including 5 easy-to-use hypnotic inductions

  • Wealth of information on human behaviour, psychology and emotional states
  • Discover how to use self-hypnosis to: Increase self-confidence - Enhance creativity - Improve sleep - Boost immune system function - Balance your emotional life - Manage anxiety - Lift depression - Manage stress - Enhance your memory and learning abilities

  • Learn the core ‘NLP’ techniques of scrambling, anchoring and future-pacing

  • Anxiety, anger and stress-management techniques that really work

  • Witness the fast phobia cure in action

  • FREE - written scripts you can use to help attain these outcomes
Why you will be glad you came

Our trainers are selected because they are effective, professional and exciting communicators.

Course materials. You will have 27 pages of fact-packed handouts, notes and guides to take home with you.

Practical skills. We focus only on those skills which you can use to make a difference right away.

The value. Not only is the course fee low, but the quality of information and hypnosis training is among the best you’ll find.

The benefit to you. You will have skills to give you the edge in many personal and professional situations for the rest of your life.

About your trainers

Mark Tyrrell & Jill Wootton

Both hypnosis workshop leaders train on a recognised Hypnotherapy Diploma Course. They also post regularly on our hypnotherapy training blog.

Book your place now

You can book your place on the Uncommon Knowledge Hypnosis Workshop by calling 01273 776770 or by booking online

The price is 147 (inc VAT) and includes a free hypnosis CD and scripts. Places at each date are limited so please don't leave it too late!
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Mark Tyrrell
Creative Director

"An impressive and engaging workshop, packed full of opportunities to develop skills and ideas."
Anthony McGarr, Psychologist

"...the whole course was fantastic - well-presented, great fun, information which could be quite complex imparted in a clear, logical manner."
Fiona Atkins, Business Manager

"...fascinating and presented in a inspiring and entertaining way."
Rob Maile, Newspaper Sub Editor

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