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Hypnotherapy Course - UK Training from Uncommon Knowledge

Although our Hypnotherapy Diploma Course has now ceased, we are providing the same content via our online psychotherapy and hypnosis training courses. Currently, the courses available are:

  • Hypnosis Unwrapped - DVD supported hypnosis foundation course for those new to hypnosis
  • Precision Hypnosis - Advanced hypnosis course for existing hypnotherapists who want to upgrade their skills
  • How to Lift Depression Fast - brief, solution focused depression treatment training for therapists and counsellors
  • The Rewind Technique - fast phobia and trauma cure for therapists and counsellors
  • Smoking Cessation Training - How to stop anyone smoking
    Learn the Uncommon method to stop your clients stop smoking for good. Includes 10+ hypnosis scripts and over 3 hours of hypnosis audio and a way of approaching smoking cessation that will skyrocket your results.

Diploma Course in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy
(UK based near London)

The Uncommon Knowledge professional hypnotherapy training course includes:

  • Treating 3 real clients in supervised hypnotherapy sessions during the course, fantastic for integrating skills and building confidence
  • Experienced, professional trainers that make your learning fun!
  • Professional-level hypnosis training - become fluent in hypnotic language - no relying on standard hypnosis scripts
  • No 'historical' essay-writing like many 'traditional' hypnotherapy courses
  • Training in brief, solution focused approaches to enable you to help people quickly and effectively
  • Access to extensive video library of real hypnotherapy sessions
  • Minimum 6:1 delegate-trainer ratio to ensure high levels of personal attention and effective learning
  • Up-to-date skills from the fields of cognitive, behavioural and interpersonal therapy, NLP and hypnotherapy
  • Much, much more, including free hypnosis downloads, business support, professional indemnity insurance, course mentors...
Hypnotherapy Course Video Testimonials

Funding - For information on financial assistance to support your learning, please visit www.direct.gov.uk/adultlearning or contact 0800 100 900.

Why Study Hypnotherapy in London?

Why struggle through London when you can enjoy weekends away in open countryside and fresh air at Brighton University?

Our famous Hypnotherapy Diploma Course takes place every year in the green and relaxing environs of Brighton University campus.

Travel from London to the campus is easy by car or train. The University sits on the A27, about 45 minutes from the M25. And the train line from Brighton runs right through the campus.

And if you prefer to stay overnight, we can recommend reasonably-priced accommodation.

Mark Tyrrell
Mark Tyrrell
Roger Elliott
Roger Elliott
Hear answers to frequently
asked questions from the
hypnotherapy course
So if you want to attend one of the UK's top hypnotherapy training courses, don't be put off because you live in London! Around half of the course delegates travel from the London area every year, and others come from as far afield as Glasgow Northampton, Bristol and Cornwall.

And, seeing as London Gatwick airport is only 30 minutes drive from the University campus, you could travel from just about anywhere... Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Paris, Milan... (one delegate in 2004 travelled from Israel!)

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Mark Tyrrell
Creative Director

Kevin Rees, Mental Health Nurse said:
"After looking at many sites it became clear that the Uncommon Knowledge hypnotherapy course was simply the best because it encapsulated all aspects of my work with clients"
Read Kevin's full comment

Nick Powley, Director of Bandwidth Technologies said:
"...your well researched and professional approach pays tribute to your collective enthusiasm for your subject."
Read Nick's full comment

Learn hypnosis
at home

The much-applauded Hypnosis Training DVD from Uncommon Knowledge:
Hypnosis Training DVD