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Hypnotherapy Course Features

When you join the Uncommon Knowledge Hypnotherapy Course, you will gain access to the following resources. These have been added to the course over the years as make learning for our delegates more fully-featured, interesting, and (dare we say it) - fun!

Free membership of HypnosisDownloads.com from Uncommon Knowledge gives you over 300 hypnosis scripts for many different problems. As you will see if you visit the website, HypnosisDownloads.com contains a vast library of hypnosis sessions. As a student on the Diploma course, you will receive a free hypnosis script or mp3 of your choice every two weeks during your course to give you further experience of hypnosis and hypnotic language patterns.

Free books – there are no ‘hidden costs’ for reading materials. You will receive all your books as soon as you reserve your place.

A free client-convincing website – no matter how well-trained you are, getting clients through the door is the bottom line for your business. You can refer potential clients to UncommonTherapists.com where they can learn about your training and your approach.

Duration of course allows new knowledge and skills time to ‘bed in’.

Practice groups ensure learning between classroom sessions.

Focus on practical skills makes the most of your time.

High trainer-to-student ratio ensures personal attention at all times

Fun learning environment keeps you motivated.

Our friendly, knowledgeable trainers and supervisors will make you comfortable to ask questions and develop your knowledge.

Personal mentor scheme means you always have someone you can call. Your mentor will be an experienced course supervisor who is currently practicing as a hypnotherapist using the skills you will be learning. This personal support continues for 3 months after you graduate. You will be able to get help with your course work, opinions on clients and support whenever you need it.

Extensive video library of real therapy sessions aid ‘learning by absorption’. Throughout your time on the course, you will be able to hire videos of the course trainers working with clients on a wide range of common problems. Seeing the skills in action backs up your practice and gives you new ideas and approaches to try.

‘Real client’ practice system with written feedback builds your confidence and ensures you can use your skills. One of the unique features of the Uncommon Knowledge Diploma course, during your training you will work with members of the public in supervised sessions. Year after year our graduates tell us that this was the single most important factor in their learning advanced skills so quickly.

‘Tell, show do’ training ensures we cater to your preferred learning style by giving you theory and background (tell), demonstrating the skill (show), then giving you a learning exercise to carry out (do).

Extensive course notes and lecture overheads mean you will always have access to what you have learned.

Clear modular format ensures you are confident in your knowledge.

Private online discussion forum at UncommonForum.com enables you to ask questions and discuss ideas with trainers, supervisors and other students

Detailed, constructive written feedback makes it easy to improve your skills

Professional and efficient admin support means you can always get queries resolved quickly

Free advertising on the Uncommon Knowledge hypnotherapists list with email address and a link to your own site if you have one.

Business setup support – if you wish to practice as a hypnotherapist in the UK, you will get all the information you need about business, advertising and finance. After completing the course, you will be able to contact one of Uncommon Knowledge’s hypnotherapy business advisors for advice on marketing and business in general.

Ongoing peer support – via our online forum and local groups

Experienced supervisors – all supervisors are currently practicing as hypnotherapists

‘Lunch included – always a chatty affair, you don’t need to worry about bringing your own’.

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Mark Tyrrell
Creative Director

"The best training I've taken, personally and professionally."

"An absolutely amazing course; professional, fascinating, the latest information on all aspects of how humans are and how we can live more fulfilling lives."

Sarah Echeverri, Hypnotherapist, Hove, East Sussex

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