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About Uncommon Knowledge

The company

Uncommon Knowledge LLP was formed in June 1998 by Mark Tyrrell and Roger Elliott. Having run hypnosis workshops for several years in their local area, they decided to pursue training on a full-time basis. Within 6 months, Uncommon Knowledge was running workshops in 6 different locations around England. Since then, over 400 diploma trainees have graduated, many of whom are now working as hypnotherapists. The company’s mission is to spread sound, useful information and skills around psychology, psychotherapy and hypnosis.

The trainers

Mark Tyrrell DHyp, EH.P, NLP-BHR, HGDip

Mark trains thousands of health professionals and members of the public every year. Co-author of ‘Maximise your self esteem – The Giant Within’ published by Orbit books, he used to work as a psychiatric nurse. Mark is now Creative Director for Uncommon Knowledge and maintains a busy practice at the Uncommon Knowledge clinic in central Brighton.

Jill Wootton, DHypPsych (UK), BA(Hons)

Director of Training for Uncommon Knowledge, Jill began life in sales and marketing leading to directing a team managing international conferences and exhibitions. After retraining Jill worked as a massage then acupuncture therapist. She has worked and taught in a variety of positions and places, including The Cancer Resource Centre in orth and the Royal Marsden Hospital. Jill now works as a therapist from the Uncommon Knowledge clinic in Brighton and her home in Cuckfield, East Sussex. She is a dedicated and experienced trainer with a down-to-earth and fun presenting style.

Roger Elliott, DHypPsych (UK), BEng(Hons)

Managing Director of Uncommon Knowledge, Roger has created websites for Uncommon Knowledge on topics including depression, panic attacks, hypnosis and self confidence. He co-authored the ebook ‘How to Raise Self Esteem in Others’ and has gained a reputation for creating original, entertaining and effective training materials.

In addition to maintaining a busy private practice, Roger manages new product development for Uncommon Knowledge and undertakes research into developing areas of psychology.

Course Administrator - Karen Reynolds

Karen is the epicentre of Uncommon Knowledge organisation, and a stickler for great customer service. She will be available throughout your training to help you with the practicalities of the course, making your path through the Diploma course smooth and easy!

A quick word from the trainers

The Uncommon Knowledge Hypnotherapy Diploma Course was created as we saw a gap in training in the UK. Although there are too many hypnotherapy schools to mention, there are few delivering quality training in effective methods. Many courses have become cumbersome, teaching out-of-date ‘directive’ methods and engaging students in studies that are more of a historical nature than therapeutic.

We have worked hard to create a training course which is both stimulating and practical and we are confident that you will find the experience rewarding, enlightening and enjoyable. For us, there is nothing better than seeing our trainees surprise themselves with their abilities to help people.

The supervisors

Trained and experienced supervisors will be on hand throughout the course to help with practice sessions and any queries you may have. All supervisors have completed the course themselves and will be currently practicing.

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Mark Tyrrell
Creative Director