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Hypnotherapy Training Course Reading List

The following books apply to the Uncommon Knowledge Hypnotherapy Training Course.

Required reading (in order)

· 'In Search of Solutions - a new direction in psychotherapy' by Bill O'Hanlon and Michele Weiner-Davies. W W Norton ISBN: 0-393-70061-5
· 'Human Givens - A new approach to emotional health and clear thinking' by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell. Human Givens Publishing ISBN: 1899398260
· 'Emotional Intelligence' by Daniel Goleman. Bloomsbury ISBN: 0-7475-2830-6
· 'My voice will go with you - the teaching tales of Milton H Erickson' edited by Sidney Rosen. W W Norton ISBN: 0-393-301354
· 'A Guide to Possibility Land - 51 methods for doing brief, respectful therapy' by Bill O'Hanlon and Sandy Beadle. W.W. Norton ISBN: 0393702979
· 'When Living Hurts - Directives for Treating Depression by Michael D Yapko' ISBN: 0-87630-757-8

Recommended reading (in no particular order)

· 'The Magic of Rapport' by Jerry Richardson. Meta publications ISBN: 0-916990206
· 'The Right Mind' by Robert Ornstein. Harcourt-Brace ISBN: 0-15-100324-6
· 'The seminars, workshops and lectures of Milton H Erickson'. Volumes I, II, III. Edited by Rossi, Ryan and Sharp: Free Association Books ISBN: 1-85345-405-1; 1-85343-406X; 1-85343-420-5
· 'The Wisdom of Milton H Erickson' Volumes I and II by Ronald A Havens. Irvington Pub. Inc. ISBN: 0-8290-2413-1
· 'Phoenix - therapeutic patterns of Milton H Erickson' by David Gordon and Maribeth Meyers-Anderson. Meta publications ISBN 0-916990-109
· 'World Tales' edited by Idries Shah. Octagon ISBN: 0-86304-036-5
· 'Hypnotherapy - A Exploratory Casebook' Milton H Erickson and Ernest L Rossi. Irvington ISBN: 0-8290-0244-8
· 'Influence - the psychology of persuasion' by Robert B Cialdini, PhD. Quill ISBN: 0-688-12816-5
· 'Dreaming Reality: How dreaming keeps us sane or can drive us mad' by Joseph Griffin. HG Publishing ISBN: 1-899398-368
· 'The 20-minute break' by Ernest L Rossi. Gateway Pub. ISBN: 0-965198-51-0
· 'Hare Brain, Tortoise Mind' by Guy Claxton. Fourth Estate. ISBN: 1-85702-709-4
· 'The Optimistic Child - a proven program to safeguard children against depression and build lifelong resilience’ by Martin E P Seligman, Ph.D. Harper Perennial ISBN: 0-06-097709-4
· 'Hand-Me-Down-Blues - how to stop depression from spreading in families' by Michael D Yapko. St Martin's Press ISBN: 0312263325
· 'Prozac Backlash' by Joeseph Glenmullen, MD. Simon & Schuster ISBN: 0743200624
· 'The Sickening Mind: Brain, Behaviour, Immunity and Disease' by Paul Martin. Flamingo ISBN: 0006550223
· 'Uncommon Therapy - the psychiatric techniques of Milton H Erickson, M.D. by Jay Haley. W W Norton ISBN: 0-393-31031-0
· 'Change' by Watzlawick, Weakland and Fisch. Norton. ISBN: 0-393-01104-6
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