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Hypnotherapy Course Modules (2)

Module 5 – Sleep disorders

• Fundamental sleep hygiene
• Deconditioning fear of sleep disruption
• Removing expectancy for sleep
• Reliable thought-stopping self hypnosis
• Nutrition and sleep
• Improve sleep patterns to lift depression

Module 6 – Anxiety, phobias & trauma

• The Rewind Technique or Fast Phobia Cure
• Physiology of anxiety
• Understanding the stress response/effective
stress management.
• Instantly teachable relaxation techniques
• Stop panic attacks in a single session
• The role of anxiety in depression
• How anxiety conditions responses and how to stop it

Module 7 – Story, metaphor and analogy

• The central nature of metaphor in all human experience
• Left versus right brain hemisphere functions.
• How to use client metaphors in therapy
• How to bypass logical resistance
• Replacing negative patterns with positive expectation
• The dreaming brain – unconscious storytelling
• Using analogy to make complex ideas simple
• Psychosis and metaphor

Module 8 – Weight loss

• Self esteem and body size
• Dispelling the myths around food and eating
• Why diets don’t work and what does
• The link between nutrition and weight control
• The Uncommon system to control food craving
• Maximizing motivation for exercise

Module 9 – Relationships and sexual problems

• The truth about essential relationship skills
• Spotting common predictors of relationship breakdown
• Getting over past relationships
• Understanding sexual problems
• Lowering performance anxiety

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Mark Tyrrell
Creative Director

"This course has had a major impact on my personal and professional life. Powerful stuff indeed - strongly recommended."

Paul Myszor, Chartered Educational Psychologist

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