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Hypnotherapy Course Introduction

Sensible psychology – easing suffering, advancing performance

Since 1996, Uncommon Knowledge have trained thousands of people in hypnosis and psychology, empowering them to help themselves and others.

The Uncommon Knowledge Diploma Course in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy is unlike any other because it puts hypnosis into perspective as part of wider psychology, enabling you to be flexible and versatile in its use.

Uncommon Knowledge takes as the starting point for therapy the factors that every individual needs to live a healthy, satisfying life. This simplifying and clarifying approach allows theory and technique to fall away, opening up a clear view of what it is to be human, and what we need to avoid emotional problems and perform at our best.
From this foundation grows a uniquely focused and effective skill-set, utilising the latest developments from the fields of hypnosis, psychology and therapy, creating
Uncommon Therapists that are confident, knowledgeable, and above all – effective.
“This course has given me great personal development - attitudes and
techniques which have made me already a more rounded person,and
given me the start of a professional extension which will make me a better
doctor and therapist.”
Dr Peter Bellamy, therapist and retired GP

Up-to-date and effective – so you only have to train once

The greatest criticism of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and counseling courses in the UK today has to be the focus on theory, rather than efficacy.

Read the materials for other training courses and you will be baffled by technical jargon and archaic terminology. On many hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and counselling courses you will spend precious hours writing essays on the ideas of historical figures or learning ‘technical manuals’, rather than focusing on learning what is helpful to you and those you will help.

A well structured and enlightened course…
…set it apart from the clinical, narrowly focused, theoretical and prescriptive
approaches of some of the London schools. Excellent. Thank you.”
Guy Baglow, Therapist

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Personal or professional development?

Different people have different reasons for attending the course. Some graduates use their qualification to set up their own full time practice, or develop a second income. Some are already therapists, adding to their existing skill-set.

Others, however, put their learning to a different use. These are people looking to enhance their communication skills, increase their confidence and look after their own mental health. In today’s fast paced, high stress environments, more and more people are finding it difficult to cope.

The ability to relax properly, be aware of damaging thought processes, develop positive thinking styles and effectively use our resources is invaluable. And as Daniel Goleman says in his brilliant book Emotional Intelligence, it’s those with ‘people skills’ that get ahead.

Join the growing band of Uncommon Therapists

Demand for effective therapists is increasing year-on-year. Public awareness of the varying efficacies of different therapies is growing, and people are seeking brief, solution-focused therapy that can help them quickly. Uncommon hypnotherapists charge between 50 and 100, meaning your course investment can be repaid within 40 sessions.

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Mark Tyrrell
Creative Director

"This has undoubtedly been the best yet."

"Holding three post graduate Diplomas made me feel something of an expert in the 'course' world. This has undoubtedly been the best yet.."

Michelle Spirit, Education and Training Consultant, Chichester, West Suss

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