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Hypnotherapy Diploma Course

Skills you will gain on the course

Whatever your reasons for attending the Diploma course, this section of the prospectus will show you what you will learn. Take a look and see how many of the skills relate to what you want to get from it.
• An understanding of the central role of hypnosis in all therapeutic interventions
• How to match, pace and lead on an unconscious level to establish and enhance rapport
• The relief of symptoms
• Creating expectancy
• Solution focused questioning
• Establishing well formed outcomes with clients
• How to check and use ‘basic needs’ in therapy
• How to structure an effective therapy session
• ‘Miracle’ questioning and other solution-focused approaches Cognitive therapy and its uses for anxiety and depression
• Age regression, accessing resources, revivification and rehearsal
• An understanding of false memory syndrome
• The use of ‘informal/conversational’ hypnosis in therapy
• Learning to ‘read’ unconscious communication and communicate below the level of consciousness
• How to create motivation for the client
• Paradoxical interventions
• The rules of social influence
• How to develop personal influence
• The role of ‘double binds’ in therapy
• The ‘utilisation method’ and ‘joining with the client’
• The importance of ‘direct perception’ when working with clients
• An understanding of ‘The Human Givens’ and how to use them in therapy
• Hypnotic suggestions and post hypnotic suggestions
• The uses for hypnotic amnesia
• Teaching social skills – interpersonal therapy
• The ‘Observing Self’ - how to develop and use it
• Accessing resources and creating new ones
• The role of the conscious mind in therapy
• Eliciting trance phenomena and working with the unconscious mind
• How to create a conscious/unconscious split
• Prescribing therapeutic tasks and ‘paradoxical interventions’ – behavioural therapy
• Using re-framing and humour in therapy
• A full understanding of all the main types of counselling and psychotherapy and their levels of scientific validation
• A basic understanding of all the major current drug treatments for psychiatric disorders
• How to ‘read’ client metaphors and use them to elicit change, how to construct and use metaphors and work
• How to understand dreams according to the very latest
• How to work with psychosomatic conditions, physical pain
• An understanding of ‘Systemic Therapy’ and the ‘Life with the ‘metaphorical mind’. Stories that heal, dream understanding and research and high blood pressure
• How to ‘wean’ clients when therapy has ended
• Launching a successful psychotherapy practice

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Mark Tyrrell
Creative Director