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In Search of Solutions : A New Direction in Psychotherapy

Search for Solutions

Author: William Hudson O'Hanlon, Michele Weiner-Davis

Review by Mark Tyrrell

In Search of Solutions

An inspiring and motivational overview of how to do solution-focused psychotherapy.

Also, a comprehensive illustration of how to lead people to their own solutions through the questions you ask, whether you are a therapist, manager, parent or teacher.

Solution-focused questioning is a remarkable development in psychotherapy, but like any fundamental discovery in therapy, it simply tracks what effective, and optimistic individuals do naturally.

Even if you are not a therapist, the paradigm shift in problem-solving that this book creates will help you move through life more lightly and enjoyably. Essential for any therapist or counsellor, highly recommended for other human beings!

In Search of Solutions Chapter Headings

1. The Evolution of Psychotherapy: From Explanations to Problems to Solutions
2. Challenging Assumptions: Furnishing Premises for Solution-Oriented Therapy
3. The Uncertainty Principle in Therapy: Co-Creating Solvable Problems
4. Watch Your Language: Having a Conversation for Change
5. The Session as Intervention: The Components of Solution-Oriented Interviewing
6. Prescriptions for Change: Altering the Doing and the Viewing of the Problem
7. Amplifying and Maintaining Change: Keeping the Ball Rolling
8. The Road Not Taken: Paths to Avoid in Therapy
9. Ready, Fire, Aim: Putting Solution-Oriented Therapy into Practice

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Mark Tyrrell
Creative Director