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Online Training Courses in hypnosis, therapy and counselling techniques

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Online distance learning with live teleconferences

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Kristin Ellingham said:
"There was never any doubt in my mind Uncommon Knowledge is the best in their field and offers the very best training..."
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Our online/teleconference training allows you to take courses from anywhere in the world. It's simple to use, and with our multimedia formats, a highly effective learning method. If you can use a phone, and have access to a computer, you can benefit from an Uncommon Knowledge Lab course. Choose from the titles below.

Rewind Technique training course
Have you ever struggled to help someone with flashbacks, or a phobia? Learn how to treat phobias and trauma (PTSD) in a single session with live conference calls inside our unique Knowledge Lab.

How to lift depression quickly
Treating depressed people can be a depressing business if you don't know how to get them feeling better quickly. Take our clarifying online depression treatment course and enjoy treating your next depressed client.

Learn Hypnosis Online - (Introductory Hypnosis Course)
Learn to use indirect, conversational hypnosis without the need for scripts. For those learning hypnosis for the first time, or hypnotherapists expanding their skill set beyond direct hypnosis.

Precision Hypnosis (Advanced Hypnosis Course)
Precision hypnosis for the hypnotherapy practitioner who wants to blend hypnosis invisibly and effectively into any interaction. Surgical words to enable you to create elegant, incisive hypnosis.

Smoking Cessation Training - How to stop anyone smoking
Learn the Uncommon method to stop your clients smoking for good. Includes 10+ hypnosis scripts and over 3 hours of hypnosis audio and a way of approaching smoking cessation that will skyrocket your results.

FREE depression treatment telephone seminar!

Join Mark Tyrrell for '5 things you must do when treating depression, and 3 things to avoid'. New date to be announced soon.
More information here.

In-house Training

Would you like one of our therapy courses presented to your group?
Any of the above courses can be presented as a one-day in-house workshop (for groups up to 20) or seminar (for larger groups). For details, please contact us here, including the size of your group and the course(s) you are interested in.

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Kirstin Asher
Kirstin Asher