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Hypnosis Training DVD - 'Hypnosis Unwrapped'

Learn conversational hypnosis with this unique triple DVD,
70 page workbook plus free bonuses; Hypnosis CD and hypnosis script

"There are many collections of CDs that take you through the process of self hypnosis, or act as aids, but this collection is particularly well regarded."

from The Sunday Times

So packed with insights about human behaviour, you will never see people the same way again!

Do you want to really learn how to hypnotize? And I mean the real, scientific skills that professional hypnotists know?

Uncommon Knowledge is a leading educator in indirect, conversational 'Ericksonian' hypnosis in the UK; since 1996 they have trained thousands of people in how to use hypnosis for improved mental health and superior performance.

Now you can attend their legendary hypnosis workshop wherever in the world you live!

To attend the original hypnosis workshop would cost you £147 (€, $); now you can watch the DVD as many times as you want, with the advantage of:

  • subtitled commentary
  • extra bonus material of other people doing inductions
  • pause any time to take notes and refer to your 70 page workbook
  • PLUS 2 FREE GIFTS:Peaceful Moments Hypnosis Scripts

    Peaceful Moments Hypnosis SessionsThe Peaceful Moments Hypnosis Training Pack containing four inductions on CD plus hypnosis scripts for all 4 inductions on the CD, fully annotated with the hypnotic language patterns used - an invaluable hypnosis training aid.
    Total value: $35


This CD and script, combined with the unique Hypnosis Unwrapped DVD, form a comprehensive hypnosis training program. With it, you will learn conversational, indirect hypnosis faster than you ever thought possible, and you'll have great fun doing it too!

Become a highly skilful hypnotist

Hypnosis Unwrapped demonstrates everything you need to use hypnosis successfully and safely – every piece of knowledge, every language pattern, every skill and technique. With this world-first DVD in your hands you will learn more about hypnosis than almost anyone else – including most hypnotherapists!

  • The difference between old-style authoritarian “you are getting sleepy” hypnosis and modern, indirect, Ericksonian, ‘conversational’ hypnosis
  • The perfect amount of eye contact for maximum believability
  • Getting round resistant types
  • How to deliver your message with subtlety
  • How to embed commands in conversation
  • How to use presupposition to sound confident
  • Using presupposition in teaching, with kids, with staff to inspire confidence
  • The incredible power of expectation and how to harness it
  • How expectancy creates post-hypnotic suggestion, or pattern-matching
  • How your emotional state filters incoming information
  • How to influence without bossing people around
  • How to use presupposition to create a new psychological blueprint
  • How to create post-hypnotic suggestion
  • Why telling people they are wonderful doesn’t work and what to do instead
  • How to use ‘sleight of mouth’ to get your message accepted
  • How to give people choice but still get the outcome you want

 Uncommon Insights

  • Razor-sharp insights into the function of the unconscious mind and how it developed.
  • What your unconscious mind is there for, and how to use it to your best advantage.
  • Why focusing on problems can make things worse, and how to focus beyond the problem
  • What your conscious mind is best for, and what to leave to your unconscious
  • The fundamental principle of unconscious pattern matching and the insights it gives us into emotional problems – such as phobias or sexual fetishes - and all human behaviour

The Truth About Hypnosis

  • The reason for the old watch-swinging technique – why it worked (sometimes!)
  • The nature of hypnosis – brand-new insights into what hypnosis actually is, and how it is connected to the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) state of sleep
  • Why catalepsy (paralysis) occurs in hypnosis and how to encourage it
  • Different ways of entering hypnosis – progressive relaxation or the shock tactics of stage hypnosis – and why these use the same mechanism
  • Why you must be flexible to use hypnosis well – and how to do it
  • Milton Erickson’s utilization principle – changing the approach to fit the subject – being successful with anyone
  • Demonstration of a naturalistic induction – the utilization principle in action

Performance-enhancing knowledge

  • Why the imagination is as powerful as reality – and how to use this in hypnosis
  • Why learning hypnosis is the quickest way to solve problems or improve performance
  • The different types of trance and how to spot them in others
  • How to maximize your success hypnotizing others
  • Immediately get beyond the ‘reading scripts’ stage that so many hypnotherapists get stuck at
  • Demonstration of arm levitation phenomena and why it happens
  • Bonus material – a student using the overlapping sensory experience approach to achieve a hand levitation

This DVD is so jam-packed full of incredible psychological insights that it will have you laughing out loud with amazement. You will watch it 20 times through and still be discovering new things.

The built-in subtitled commentary will draw your attention to the key points, and the narrator summaries will ensure you remember the most important parts.

In conjunction with the DVDs, the accompanying 70-page fact-packed workbook will give you all you need to get really good at conversational hypnosis.


The Hypnosis Training DVD is so packed with hypnotic and psychological insight, that you will never be able to see human behaviour the same way again. If you don’t agree, simply send it back and we will refund you in full, without question.


Hypnosis Unwrapped DVD

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Mark Tyrrell
Creative Director

"...a fund of knowledge and can be viewed time and time again..."
by Janet Jones, who is a Dental Nurse from Ayrshire, Scotland

"The DVD Hypnosis Unwrapped provides a fund of knowledge and can be viewed time and time again - always revealing more skills and acting as a most useful aide memoire. Clear instructions and on-screen hints together with the succinctly written accompanying booklet gives the student an excellent adjunct to the course. As a "remote" student I would certainly recommend it to all, regardless of their geographical location."