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Hypnosis Workshop Testimonials

"Hi Karen,"

"I wonder if you could pass on to Jill and Mark how much I enjoyed the workshop weekend that I have just attended. I thought that the content and delivery was well balanced, extremely interesting and well facilitated. I found Sunday particularly stimulating, and as Jill had said at the beginning of the course, the jigsaw began to fall into place."

"What I didn't expect was that just my participation in the weekend would leave me feeling so uplifted, refreshed and positive, feelings that seemed to come over me as soon as I turned the key in the door to my flat on Sunday evening. (An action which recently has triggered quite opposite emotions). "

"I felt physically and mentally better than I have felt at any time during the last 6 months and was virtually bouncing off the walls! I assumed that this was some post training high that would quickly fade by morning, but I'm still feeling really positive and colleagues have commented that I look well and I certainly feel less haunted."

"I have also already started looking at holidays which will involve a flight for the first time in 4 years (I worked out that last time I flew was May 2003, not 2004 as I originally thought) after the rewind technique which is a major step forward for me and I will be sure to send you a postcard from wherever I fly to. "

"So thank you very much for an excellent, inspiring and enlightening weekend that has given me a lot of food for thought and plenty of techniques to help me personally in the future as well informing my work with young people."

All the best, Julia Box, Youth Arts Development Worker. Brighton
Dear Mark,

"You may or may not remember me, I attended one of your workshops at the beginning of June in Brighton at the Claremont Hotel - can't remember the date but it was when the bike race was on!!! I'm sorry it's taken me so long to write this but I've been very busy with work. I was the one who you "Cured" of a needle phobia!!"

"I just wanted to write to thank you and Jill for a fantastic weekend. I've done nothing but bore my friends and family over it! I really enjoyed it and can't recommend the weekend enough to anyone who's interested in Hypnosis. Since the weekend, I have had my friend (who is a nurse) put a needle into me TWICE! - the first was the Monday straight after the weekend, and the second, a week later. Having been an emotional wreck at just the thought of a needle, I looked at the needle, watched whilst she put it in, and the watched it whilst it was in my arm and blood was coming out!! I can't thank-you enough for this, I know it's never going to be anything that I actually look forward to, but at least I won't embarrass myself by either crying like and idiot or passing out in future!!"

I hope in the future to attend other workshops, since the weekend, I've even been contemplating dropping the Diploma course on therapeutic counselling that I am currently studying for and work toward the Hypnosis Diploma. I have decided for now to continue with the counselling, purely because of the time and money that I have invested so far, I only have one more year to go. I hope in the future though to study for your Diploma in Hypnosis, I believe hypnosis is a very powerful tool and your arguments for it against counselling have made an impact on me, both therapies I believe can be very beneficial to many clients presenting different problems."
Elaine Cripps, Scaynes Hill, West Sussex.

"A relaxed, professional and passionate presenting style from both Jill and Mark, very quickly made delegates feel at home. I am hoping to attend the Advanced workshop and then maybe the Diploma course. Thanks for a lovely weekend."
Mark Reader, Company Director
"I can't wait to see what doors Uncommon Knowledge will open for me on the advanced training course and the diploma! Even with a basic understanding of hypnosis and NLP I found the introductory hypnosis course compelling and challenging - taught refreshingly with much patience and humour. Finally, a hypnosis course that has trainers with the ability to be able to walk their talk - bring on more."
Sarah Julier, teacher/gym instructor
"Having been interested in hypnotherapy for some years, I was amazed at just how simple and logical the various techniques were. I was also very impressed as to how therapeutic the course was and left feeling a lot more positive and energised."
Barbara Green, Middlesex, England
"This was a most enjoyable first encounter into the world of hypnosis."
Mya Wallace, Psychodynamic Therapist

"Ive experienced two major traumas in the last 10 months, one of them being a tragic each of my young nephew. By attending the hypnosis workshop I knew I could overcome those barriers which were interfering with my progression as a human being. Since attending the hypnosis workshop, I am now able to focus and use some of the exercises which help to remove those barriers and keep me at a level."
Nadia Dallsingh, Nurse Consultant

"A very well rounded course that helped me understand how hypnosis works, why you might want to use it, and that anyone can do it. Hypnotically interesting."
Jeremy Cope, Bar Manager

"I've done a few courses this year and just want to let you know that the quality of the Uncommon Knowledge training stands head and shoulders above anything else I've experienced so far."

"The professional way your training events are co-ordinated, your choice of venue, the attention to detail but most of all the quality of your individual presentations of the seminars - clear communication, nicely peppered with warmth and humor, gives UK a real mark of quality."

"I hope you aren't cringing! I've noticed that I've said this to a few people recently so I figured I may as well tell you too. Credit where it's due."

"See you soon."

Mary Condell (Mary is a mentor on the Hypnotherapy Diploma Course)

"An impressive and engaging workshop, packed full of opportunities to develop skills and ideas. Whets the appetite for further tasty morsels."
Anthony McGarr, psychologist

"Such a lot to learn and experience. So positive and relaxing, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves."
Linda Partridge, analyst programmer

"Hi, I just wanted to say thank you to Jill and Mark for a really enjoyable workshop here in Brighton last weekend. It was lovely to meet you both I'm so glad that you got us to actually practice putting each other into trance."

"Though my immediate reaction at the time was more along the lines of '... I don't remember seeing that in the schedule.' I think if you'd left any room for choice I'd have probably opted for taking copious notes while watching you giving a demonstration and then going on to reading several more books on the subject before ever having a proper go myself."

"So, thanks. It felt great. I shall now have to use it to help my son's anger management as the England football team seem to be failing to live up to expectations in Portugal. I tried telling him that he was 'catastrophizing' on Sunday night, but it didn't seem to help! Never mind, plenty more options to explore before the end of the competition."

"Love and best wishes,"
Shona, Brighton

"Dear Mark,"
"I came to the Introduction to Hypnosis day in Brighton in November, I was the one with the phobia of dentists and unfortunately married to one!"

"Just to let you know that I have managed to have some work done on my teeth and curiously could not get very worked up about it. I was waiting for the feelings of hysteria to start but they just didn't."

"Although I wasn't totally comfortable with the situation I did feel in control and not panicky. You may have saved my marriage as well as my teeth!"

"With thanks and best wishes"
Gill Ross

"Before I came to the workshop I'd held a lifelong fear of public speaking and my only way to cope with it until now had been avoidance, reinforcing the fear! I am now far more confident and will actively seek out occasions to speak in public in future. The course also provided an exciting visit into the world of hypnotherapy and coping with anxiety."
A Griffiths, Merchant Navy Officer

"You have managed to break down a lot of the misconceptions surrounding hypnosis over a very short period of 2 days. It was great to be on a course with like-minded people who wished to develop themselves further and those around them."
Ciaran Kelly, Airline Development Manager

"A very good introduction to hypnosis complete with demonstrations and the opportunity to test out newly learned skills. Just what I was looking for! Many thanks."
Bridget Herbert, Personal Development Therapist and Healer

"Your customer support was excellent, you were responsive, helpful and went the extra mile in making sure I was happy."
Owen, Brighton

"I thought the whole course was fantastic - well-presented, great fun, information which could be quite complex imparted in a clear, logical manner.
I think anyone would benefit from this course whatever their lifestyle or career."
Fiona Atkins, Business Manager

"I have read a lot about hypnosis, but some things are better explained in person than on a page. It was a lot of fun and an excellent learning experience with two great trainers like Mark and Jill, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about the brain and the works of hypnosis."
Frederick Botha, Night Reception Duties

"Extremely useful 2 days. Mark and Jill were great! Perfect balance between learning and doing. I met a group of wonderful people and really look forward to the advanced workshop!"
Rachel Newton, Event Organiser

"What an insight! How wonderfully simple and yet so effective this workshop was. I've used the NLP in my everyday life and it's worked miracles. The deep state of relaxation has helped me through the stressful times - thank you!"
Janay Alexander, Business Development Manager

" I found the information shared over the weekend to be fascinating and presented in a inspiring and entertaining way. It was most enlightening to discover how our lives can be drastically improved simply by retraining the brain using an easily applied technique."
Rob Maile, Newspaper Sub Editor
'I really liked the balance of information giving and experiential exercises. The information presented was clear and comprehensible. The exercises were fun and made learning easy. The 2 days flew by! Wish I'd learned this years ago.'
Sally Ann Brown, Therapist & Workshop Facilitator

"Interviews don't fill me with dread any more. Everything's going better for me" Julia B.

"The most fun weekend I've had in ages!" Paula W.

"Refreshingly sane. A great help" Dr Peter S.

"I enjoyed the clear, down-to-earth approach and I came away with lots of new ideas" Trevor P.

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