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Hypnosis Workshop

Hypnosis Workshop Schedule


Hypnosis Workshop Schedule

9.30 - 10.00 am Registration & Coffee/Tea

10.00am Introduction: Understanding Hypnosis What is hypnosis? Exploding the myths. Research-based information on the psychological and physical benefits of hypnosis.

11.30am Coffee/Tea break

11.50am Techniques of hypnotic language patterns. How to use your voice and words to induce trance and create a fantastic hypnotic experience. Demonstration.

1.30pm Lunch break

2.30pm Self-hypnosis - entering trance quickly. The easy to use mini-rest. Group demonstration of hypnosis. Benefiting the immune system using trance. Experience deep relaxation.

3.30pm Coffee/Tea break

3.50pm Exercise The language of influence. How to write your own trance script using your new skills. Consolidate your learning.

Day Ends 5.00pm

9.45 am Registration & Coffee/Tea

10am Essential elements for Emotional Health. Using the mind/body link. How you think can literally make you well.

11.30am Coffee/Tea break Hypnosis for greater health and peak performance. How to deal with difficult situations. Using hypnosis for confidence and motivation and to alleviate stress, anxiety, anger and depression.

1.30pm Lunch break

2.30pm Diminishing the Power of the Past. See a phobia cured in half an hour. How past experience affects the present and our perception of the future. Future-pacing and how to lessen the influence of negative past experience. Demonstration.

3.30pm Coffee/Tea break

3.50pm Eliminating unwanted patterns of thought, emotion and behaviour. How to sabotage the problems that have been sabotaging you!

4.30pm The Future - using what you've learned. Practical applications for everyday life.

5.00pm Day Ends
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Mark Tyrrell
Creative Director

"The information presented was clear and comprehensible. The exercises were fun and made learning easy."
Sally Ann Brown, Therapist & Workshop Facilitator

"This was a most enjoyable first encounter into the world of hypnosis."
Mya Wallace, Psychodynamic Therapist

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