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Mark Tyrrell

Mark Tyrrell - HGDip, DipHypNLP(BHR)

Co-founder HypnosisDownloads.com - world's leading provider of hypnosis downloads - over 500 carefully researched, crafted and recorded sessions on health, personal development, well-being, psychological issues, fun
Co-founder Uncommon Knowledge - leading edge online training in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy (see also Uncommon Knowledge on YouTube and Facebook)
Creator Self help website:
Co-creator Top psychology websites:
Blogs Hypnosis Downloads Blog; Uncommon Knowledge Training Blog
Articles Many Psychology Articles; contributor to other sites
Producer Hypnosis Unwrapped DVD; Depression Recovery Program
Co-author The Giant Within (with Jan Sutton) - a guide to looking after your self esteem
Newsletter Inspired Minds - psychological insights sent to 150,000 subscribers every month
Presenter Public seminars for health professionals on self esteem, bullying and trauma and lead trainer on Uncommon Knowledge's online therapy courses.

And he runs.

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Psychology, self help and personal development articles by Mark Tyrrell

Talking thoughts or talking feelings - does it matter?
3 strategic ways to deploy the power of sub goals with your clients
3 constructive ways to turn negativity into positive results with your clients
7 essential emotional needs all parents need to know about
Why your thoughts just want to break free
3 paradoxical parenting skills to manage challenging teens
5 reassuring ways to reframe your depressed client's physical symptoms
3 top tips for keeping therapy on track with parents and families
Why doing what you're told can be a very bad idea?
3 timeless ways to create better futures for depressed clients
3 smart steps to help depressed clients see a brighter future
3 clever ways to teach your clients what they need to know
Are you sure your thoughts are your own?
3 top tips to stop premature speculation in your clients
3 easy ways to help your clients avoid the elastic band effect
3 ways to ask powerful healing questions
Getting people to do it right
3 smart ways to utilize identity to spur your clients to change
3 ways to use the power of focus to elicit trance
3 reasonable ways to reframe the unfairness of life
Fast track to healthy habits
3 quick steps to enlist your client's subconscious mind to help them heal
Teaching people to be beautiful and strong
3 automatic ways to help your clients feel better
Be a better wonderer
No way out? 3 ways to help therapy clients escape double binds
How to neatly avoid resistance in therapy
3 trusty tips for dealing with resistant clients
How to stop the past from hurting you
3 nifty ways to separate your client from their problem in therapy
3 vital pointers for helping clients with grief
3 open-minded ways to help the hypno-sceptic
Why do they do that? How to understand people
Simple ways to check for lifestyle health in therapy
3 gentle ways to bring your clients out of hypnosis
3 steps to help people overcome extreme jealousy
How to stop jinxing your future
How to deal with the expert therapy client
3 ways to communicate client responsibility
How to relieve hypnotic performance anxiety
4 wonderful ways to wipe away worries
4 great therapy techniques for OCD
3 cunning ways to communicate confidence in therapy
How to stop worrying yourself to death
How to get your clients to listen
How to use scaling in therapy
3 ways to help couples back to love (or at least like!)
How well do you know yourself?
How to build deep rapport
How to stop your client's vicious circle of worry
Magical Therapy: 3 ways to use the miracle question
How to talk to the unconscious mind
Treating insomnia - a 3-point checklist
4 types of therapeutic task for more flexible therapy
3 vital principles of reframing damaging perspectives
How to avoid the damage caused by psychological labelling
Hidden in plain sight: how to use the power of exceptions
How to be a kind task master
3 powerful ways to identify your client's real problem
Learn how to sleep better with hypnosis
5 steps to 'hero therapy'
How to get self affirmations to work for you
Learn how to overcome limitations
How to prepare clients for hypnosis
How to use metaphor to overcome depression
How to terminate therapy with your clients
How to solve problems with paradox
How to help first timers relax about hypnosis
How to use dissociation in hypnosis
How to increase your influence with clients (or why advice-giving doesn't work)
The secret of instant rapport
Maximize client motivation with the language of personal gain
4 simple ways to measure progress with your depressed client
3 ways to use hypnotic phenomena to aid therapy
Beating learned helplessness and depression
3 more golden rules for choosing a hypnosis course
3 wily ways to make your clients more receptive
3 steps to overcome limiting beliefs in your clients
How a clever wee boy can help you help people quit smoking
6 things to say to smokers to boost their motivation to quit
How to avoid client discomfort in the Rewind Technique
The Rewind Technique
Pernicious praise
Stockholm Syndrome: Loving the chains that bind
The art of psychological self defense. Are you using protection?
How to be Seriously Funny
Causes of Phobias
Counselling, Psychotherapy and Hypnosis
What is Hypnosis
Hypnosis for Success
Hypnosis for sports performance
Solution focused thinking � Get out of your own way
Skeptical about hypnosis?
Shock Hypnosis
Resistance Hypnosis
Placebo Hypnosis
Hypnosis and pain control
Controlling the body with the mind
The truth about hypnosis and memory
The meaning of dreams
Eliciting hypnotic phenomena
How to reduce fear and anxiety with hypnosis
How to be more charismatic
The hypnotic art of confusion
It's unlucky to be superstitious
Give a dog a bad name � the sticking power of labels
No strings on me: Is there a psychopath in your life?
Cognitive Dissonance: Stop Lying to Yourself
Bystander apathy - it's none of my business!
How to understand what your dreams mean
Long term stress response symptoms
The Truth about Hypnosis and Memory
• How Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Works
Men, Women and Emotions
The Cost of Freedom
• The Therapeutic Nature of Loving Touch
Social Proof: Everybody's doing it!
• How to get along with people
Influence and charisma in counselling and therapy
Self Discipline and Mental Health
The History of Storytelling
• The Mad, Mad World of Psychotherapy
Public Speaking Tips (or how to enjoy presentations)
Phobias - Strange but Simple, Terrible but Treatable (with Roger Elliott)
Milton Erickson
Low Self Esteem - Does it Really Exist?
Dreams and Dreaming - Why we Dream and What they Mean (with Roger Elliott)
Stress: symptom of a modern age?
Suggestibility: How to be an Einstein
Getting to know 'you'
How to handle a bully
Understanding Bullies and Bullying
How to Make Decisions
Generosity. Give or take?
Are you in the smoking cult? Here's how to quit

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