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1. Goal Setting

2. Benefits

3. Personal Mission Statement

4. Writing SMART Goals

5. Writing Realistic Goals
  - Goal Statement,
  - Measure of Success
  - Goal Assessment

6. Writing Realistic Goals Part 2
  - Tasks
  - Timing
  - Self Assessment
  - Results

7. Goal Worksheet

8. Worksheet Review

9. Personal Development Requirements

10. Self Assessment

11. Now Itís Your Turn...

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Now It's Your Turn to Set Goals


OK, you’ve read the theory, gone through an example, now it’s your turn. Here’s a summary of the steps;

1. What are your personal values? What is your mission statement?
2. What do you want to achieve? What are your goals?
3. Write your goals in a worksheet. Make them SMART and use the goal review to make sure they are top quality goals.
4. Write your personal development plan. Use the Personal Development Planning Guide
5. Review your progress and update your goals accordingly.
6. Celebrate your success!
7. Start the process all over again. Consider making goal setting (at least) an annual event.

You now have the information and knowledge that could help transform your life.

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Personal Coaching
If you are interested in having help with your goal setting and personal development, you can contact us

Get out of that rut.

Get out of that rut, take control and just do it!

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