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Learn how to lift depression quickly (and enjoy it!)

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Do you worry that you could be doing more for your depressed clients?

We would like to show you how to reliably lift depression in 95% of your clients within 6 sessions, and make them feel much better from the very first session.

Treating people with depression can be hard work. Depression sucks the life from people, eliminates hope, deadens enthusiasm and robs people of their personality.
And because depression is such an awful condition, when we as therapists treat it, we strive to make a difference quickly, so that person doesn't have to suffer for one moment longer.

But what happens when depression doesn't lift?
Our experience working with therapists tells us that many are disheartened by slow progress or even worsening of their depressed clients' condition. But sometimes, no matter how hard you try as a therapist, depression just doesn't lift. Depending on your understanding of depression and your client's own unique circumstances, depression can prove a tough customer.

And when a depressed client becomes stuck, it can start to eat away at you too. More and more of your own time can be spent worrying about them, trying to work out what to do, talking the case through with your supervisor, reading and re-reading your books, hoping for a flash of inspiration.

What if we could show you a way to reliably lift depression in 95% of your clients within 6 sessions?

That might sound like a tall claim. And we don't make it lightly. We are offering to teach you this in live conference calls, so we're going to have to back up our statement.

So here's our promise. If you don't find treating your next 3 depressed clients after the course a highly uplifting and exciting experience (for both you and them!), we will refund your fee in full. Or if you prefer, we'll help you fine tune your approach until it works. We predict you will be so excited by your new knowledge about how to treat depression quickly, you will actively seek out depressed people to treat.

Is this cognitive-behavioural therapy?

Cognitive therapy, along with behavioural and interpersonal approaches are all key elements to treating depression. But without a clarifying framework and specific skills, these approaches can become over-complex and confusing for both therapist and client.

The Uncommon approach to depression folds these tools, and much much more, into a clear understanding of what depression is. The Uncommon approach makes the way forward at every stage much clearer for you and your depressed client.

Why is Uncommon Knowledge the place to learn how to lift depression quickly?
In our clinic and training school we have been using this approach to treating depression since 1996. Before this, the founders of Uncommon Knowledge worked with the psychologist Joseph Griffin. He had developed a radical new understanding of depression that revolutionised the way the condition was viewed.

To get this vital knowledge to more people, in 2001 Uncommon Knowledge launched the Depression Learning Path website, educating depressed people in this uniquely clarifying approach.

Since then, over 5 million people have used the site and we have received thousands of pieces of heart-warming feedback from depressed people for whom it has revolutionised their lives.

You can be one of the expanding group of therapists who cut through the dated, unscientific and confusing information about depression. Make an instant difference to a depressed person because of your clear understanding of what is happening to them and knowledge of how to get them back on track.

If you have any questions about this course, please ask here

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Mark Tyrrell
Creative Director

Continuing Professional Development
The Depression course provides 21 CPD hours.
In-house training
This therapy skills course can be presented to your group as an in-house workshop or seminar. Enquire about in-house training here.

Maxine Hamilton said:
"I am now not only mentally healthy and balanced but also mentally strong again..."
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Dr Peter Ulle said:
"this approach to depression is much more sound and convincing to me"
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Rose Morgan said:
"it is all bountifully rich in knowledge and helping tools"
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Jacqueline Bell said:
"I would definitely recommend this course to anyone"
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Etai Gilad said:
"All in all it is a great value course and got me to deepen my understanding..."
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Sophie Nicholls said:
"Understanding the Cycle of Depression is important for any hypnotherapist"
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Maria Doherty said:
"I also thought that the support material was of a very high standard"
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Bill Frazier said:
"Mark and Jill were wonderful of course, and professional and approachable at the same time"
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Sarah Humphrey said:
"I have found your course exceptionally good."
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