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1. Goal Setting

2. Benefits

3. Personal Mission Statement

4. Writing SMART Goals

5. Writing Realistic Goals
  - Goal Statement,
  - Measure of Success
  - Goal Assessment

6. Writing Realistic Goals Part 2
  - Tasks
  - Timing
  - Self Assessment
  - Results

7. Goal Worksheet

8. Worksheet Review

9. Personal Development Requirements

10. Self Assessment

11. Now Itís Your Turn...

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The Benefits of Setting Personal Goals


Why set personal goals?

“If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time”

Most of us have come across goals in the workplace, as goals form the core of your workload and provide a focus for your efforts. Goal achievement is often linked to the appraisal process and can affect your salary or your promotional opportunities.

But what are the benefits of goal setting outside the corporate arena? There are loads…

Benefits of personal goal setting

  • You get out of that rut

  • You take control of your life

  • Your actions match your talk

  • You focus on the important things

  • You are successful, regardless of what that means to other people

  • Other people understand where you are coming from
This guide will take you through the practical steps required to create and attain top quality goals, and how to avoid the common pitfalls. It also links with the Personal Development Planning process, so consider taking time to do that after you have completed the goal setting guide.

Real examples are given to help explain the goal setting theory.

How goal setting changed my world

Many years ago, as a new graduate embarking on a career in a major blue chip company, a friend’s wise mother lent me a tape on how to set goals. Looking back, maybe it wasn’t that sophisticated, however it really opened my eyes to a new way of thinking and living my life.

I had been successful at school and university but was pretty daunted by the prospect of life in the real world and achieving success there. Goal setting changed my world.

I invested a few hours in figuring out what I wanted to achieve, wrote it down, and then did it. And it worked, (and still works!). I support people taking control of their own destiny and goal setting is a proven means of doing that.

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Roger Elliott
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