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1. Goal Setting

2. Benefits

3. Personal Mission Statement

4. Writing SMART Goals

5. Writing Realistic Goals
  - Goal Statement,
  - Measure of Success
  - Goal Assessment

6. Writing Realistic Goals Part 2
  - Tasks
  - Timing
  - Self Assessment
  - Results

7. Goal Worksheet

8. Worksheet Review

9. Personal Development Requirements

10. Self Assessment

11. Now Itís Your Turn...

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Personal Development Requirements


I have thought about the actions I need to take to close gaps in ability (skill) or motivation (will) and have summarised them using the Personal Development Plan structure.

Focus Area Now Will Be? How known?
Creating Training Plan Could be better Training regularlyInjury free Will achieve marathon goal
Following Training Plan Nervous running at nightDon’t stick to training plan. Running in any condition or time.Feel good am following plan. Stick to training schedule in winterWill achieve race time goals
Diet Not sure if diet is good.Eat a lot of chocolate. Confident am following a good diet At target weightHave energy to trainSpeak knowledgeably about diet.







Activity Resource Timing Reward
Research on the internet and local library Local athletics club By Aug  
Self confidence email course http://www.self-confidence.co.uk/ By Sep New running kit.
See dietician and get expert adviceRestock cupboards Local health clinicMy partner By Oct  


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