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1. Goal Setting

2. Benefits

3. Personal Mission Statement

4. Writing SMART Goals

5. Writing Realistic Goals
  - Goal Statement,
  - Measure of Success
  - Goal Assessment

6. Writing Realistic Goals Part 2
  - Tasks
  - Timing
  - Self Assessment
  - Results

7. Goal Worksheet

8. Worksheet Review

9. Personal Development Requirements

10. Self Assessment

11. Now Itís Your Turn...

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Creating a Goal Worksheet


Example Goal Worksheet

Use this fictional example goal worksheet to help you see how the theory is put into practice. To learn how to fill it in, see step 5, Writing Realistic Goals

Goal Statement

My goal is to run the London marathon in April 2003, and to finish in a reasonable position and with a good race time.

Measures of Success

Unsatisfactory - finish in the top 400, get within 30 minutes of personal best.

Could do better - finish in the top 400, get within 15 minutes of personal best.

Expected - finish in top 300 and match personal best time.

Distinguished - finish in the top 200 and beat personal best race time by 10 minutes.


Write up Training Schedule and review with local athletics club.

Follow Training Schedule

Get diet advice and re-stock kitchen cupboards with appropriate food.

Run local half-marathon

Enrol in London Marathon

Run the London marathon!


By Aug

By Sep & ongoing

By Oct

Nov 14th

By Nov

23 Apr 03

Self Assessment

Low skill, high will

High skill, low will

Low skill, low will

High skill, high will

High skill, high will


August - Researched training plans on the internet and local library and met with local athletics club. They helped me improve my Training Schedule.†

September – from the self confidence course I did (as part of my development plan), I identified that I am most confident when I have a running buddy, so will take my dog out with me for now and look for a running buddy at the local athletics club.

October – Had a hectic month at work so haven’t sorted out kitchen cupboards and diet, so will need to do this next month.† Training Schedule on track.

November – ran half marathon and achieved good race time.† Bought reflective running gear as a reward and so I can run more safely at night and stick with the Training Schedule.

December – stopped taking dog running, as he now can’t keep up with me.† Need to find a running companion next month!† Finally managed to sort out my diet and cupboards.† Found out that I was already following a pretty good diet!†

January – Got flu for 2 weeks so training schedule has been reduced for 3 weeks. No need for a running companion, as I haven’t been able to train.

February – couldn’t find a regular running buddy, so my partner started cycling with me as I ran to help keep a good pace.

March –really focussed on diet and mental preparation.† Practised mental games to play to keep me focussed when running.

April – ran the race and came 235th, and took 16 minutes off my personal best.† Although this outcome is between the 3 and 4 ratings, I think I did a great job!

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