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1. Goal Setting

2. Benefits

3. Personal Mission Statement

4. Writing SMART Goals

5. Writing Realistic Goals
  - Goal Statement,
  - Measure of Success
  - Goal Assessment

6. Writing Realistic Goals Part 2
  - Tasks
  - Timing
  - Self Assessment
  - Results

7. Goal Worksheet

8. Worksheet Review

9. Personal Development Requirements

10. Self Assessment

11. Now Itís Your Turn...

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Goal Setting Guide

Basketball with SpongeBob

"Aim high but always have a stratagy" courtesy of steve9567

Setting goals well helps you... get out of that rut, take control...
...focus on the important things...
by Lyndsay Swinton, creator of Management for the rest of us

Part I, the goal setting process, is modelled on successful goal setting processes used in large organizations or companies and has been evolved to suit a wider audience. This guide will give you structure around setting your own goals, and can be used in conjunction with the Project YOU Part II – the Personal Development Planning process.

How to use the Goal Setting Guide:

1. Set aside half an hour to dedicate to yourself and your future achievement and happiness. Get yourself a cup of your favourite beverage to reward yourself for making such an intelligent decision!
2. Read through the whole process so you can get an overview.
3. Follow the goal setting example you are given so you can see the process in action.
4. Follow the instructions on how to set your own important goals.
5. Sit back and feel a glow of satisfaction at having made the first step in a journey of personal fulfilment and achievement!

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