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If you're going to learn hypnosis, why not learn Uncommon Hypnosis?

Do you want to be able to hypnotize at will, without the need for scripts?

Would you like to use hypnosis to get rid of emotional problems, improve self confidence, relax quickly and easily and much, much more?

Would you like to be able to understand yourself and others better?

The right sort of hypnosis training will give you much more than just a knowledge of hypnosis. When you understand Uncommon Hypnosis, you gain a profound insight into human beings, their emotions and behaviour.

Hypnosis is much, much more than gently spoken orders

When you learn Uncommon Hypnosis it will transform your understanding of yourself and other people. No longer will behaviour seem weird or unpredictable. You’ll be able to fine-tune your communication to get the outcomes you want. You’ll gain much greater control over your own emotional state.

Uncommon Hypnosis goes way beyond stopping smoking or light entertainment. It explains how the hypnotic state is the optimum state for learning and changing thinking and behaviour. Based around indirect 'Ericksonian hypnosis', the course will give you highly flexible hypnotic language skills.

At the end of the Hypnosis Unwrapped course students will know more about hypnosis than the majority of practicing hypnotherapists. Why? Because they will understand its central role in directing human psychology.

Why hypnosis solves problems quickly and permanently

All psychological problems have a hypnotic element; ever wondered why you can be fine one minute then all over the place the next? Why you feel anxious when you think of a particular person or event? Or are constantly tired and can’t think straight? An uncommon understanding of hypnosis will give you the insight and tools to change yourself or others.

You can be confident you are getting the best hypnosis training available

Mark Tyrrell
Mark Tyrrell
Roger Elliott
Roger Elliott

Mark Tyrrell and Roger Elliott of Uncommon Knowledge have trained thousands of people to effectively use hypnotic skills. They have fun and unique teaching styles that enable everyone to capture seemingly magical hypnotic skills.

You will learn:

  • How to hypnotise
  • How to relax incredibly quickly and deeply
  • How to write your own hypnotic scripts
  • How to calm yourself in stressful situations
  • Exactly what hypnosis is – something the majority of the psychological profession don’t know
  • How to attach the emotional state you want to any situation
  • How to communicate and influence powerfully
  • How to hypnotically relax anyone in a natural conversational way
  • How to shut out the chatter and stress of the conscious mind and relax deeply so that you can think more clearly and feel energised
  • Structured hypnotic inductions that can be adapted to suit anyone’s life experience
  • The ‘uncommon’ understanding of human psychology and emotional states can be used to optimize performance and solve problems

Who takes this course?

Hypnosis is a governing principle in all human thinking and behaviour, it is some thing that should be taught in schools. So anyone with an interest in psychology will find it helpful as well as:

  • Anyone who communicates with others for a specific outcome
  • Every teacher, manager, parent and people with an interest in managing their own emotional health
  • Hypnotherapists, psychotherapists and counsellors who want to add to their skill set
  • Anyone with an interest in how people work

"...very professional and engaging."

The Hypnosis Unwrapped Training course is an extremely beneficial course to learn the concepts of Ericksonian hypnosis. The training was very professional and engaging and will give you the confidence to use hypnosis not only with others but in your everyday speech to be a more persuasive communicator. I highly recommend it.

Dr. Kendra Pearsall
Weight Loss Physician and Educator, South Barrington, Illinois

What is the 'Hypnosis Unwrapped' self-study pack?

We recognise that people learn in different ways and prefer to set their own pace. The 'Hypnosis Unwrapped' self-study pack uses video, audio, articles, workbooks, assignments, and tests to assist the learning process. Plus, even though it's self-study, you have 24 x 7 access to the course creators Mark Tyrrell and Roger Elliott in the Knowledge Lab. The Knowledge Lab is an online forum where you can ask questions and see what other people are discussing too, and your access lasts for 10 weeks from when you activate your account.

So, if you have a computer with a USB socket and an internet connection, and access to a DVD player, you can use this course.

What is so good about the 'Hypnosis Unwrapped' self-study pack?

Basic hypnosis courses teach students how to use pre-written hypnosis scripts - this course teaches you how to integrate the language patterns and techniques into your everyday conversation, no scripts required. You will learn how to confidently hypnotise someone and talk to their unconscious mind without using a 'weird' voice or un-natural language.

As well as the 'Hypnosis Unwrapped' triple DVD, there are 8 hypnosis lectures covering:

  • how hypnosis is central to understanding human psychology,
  • structured hypnotic inductions,
  • self-hypnosis, and how to help yourself
  • hypnotic language,
  • anchoring and pattern matching,
  • ways to communicate with a person's unconscious mind,
  • enhancing hypnotic communication,
  • and your primal emotional needs and how to meet them.

The self-study pack is supported by additional audio, articles, workbooks assignments, and tests, all deepening your insight into hypnosis and how you can use hypnosis to help yourself and others.

How long do I have to complete the course?

As soon as you activate your account on the Knowledge Lab (full instructions are given in the covering letter you receive with the self-study pack) you have 10 weeks to complete the course.

How does it work?

When you buy the 'Hypnosis Unwrapped' self-study pack, you will receive:

  • 'Hypnosis Unwrapped' triple DVD and 70 page workbook + Peaceful Moments CD containing 4 relaxation sessions + booklet containing the 4 scripts marked up with the hypnotic language patterns used.
  • 'Hypnosis Unwrapped' self-study pack, containing 114 page workbook, and a USB stick containing supporting audio, video and written material.
  • log-in details for the Knowledge Lab, the online forum allowing 24 x 7 access to course trainers Mark Tyrrell and Roger Elliott and other students for 10 weeks.
  • full admin support throughout the course.
  • a printed certificate on successful completion of the multiple-choice tests.

There are checklists for each section of the course, which help keep you on top of your learning and pace yourself appropriately. At any stage, you can repeat the section to ensure full understanding and any time you have a question or need support you can get help using the Knowledge Lab online forum, or by contacting Kirstin.

Why use the Uncommon Knowledge training?

Over the years, Uncommon Knowledge founders Mark Tyrrell and Roger Elliott have trained over 24,000 people, and created over 800 hypnosis sessions available on the popular Hypnosis Downloads website. Students come from a wide background and include doctors, psychologists, managers, prison warders, students, social workers, nurses, business professionals, writers and therapists. We have structured our training to cover all learning preferences and aim to be simple but not simplistic in what is delivered. The course content is always research based and steers well clear of fads or un-proven psychology. We also provide a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your training pack.

This course has been allocated 12 Continuing Professional Development hours (CPD).

Give me a bit more detail on what the 'Hypnosis Unwrapped' self-study pack covers?

There is almost 9 hours of video and audio material, plus additional reading, articles, test, assignments, so we estimate the course will take about 20 to 30 hours to complete. We recommend you space this over at least 3 weeks but no more than 8 weeks, to maximise your learning and enable new hypnotic language skills to become part of your everyday life. Full course support is available throughout the duration of the course, and your Knowledge Lab log-in details will last 10 weeks.

'Hypnosis Unwrapped' self-study course, containing 114 page workbook, and a USB stick containing supporting audio, video and written material.

On the USB stick and in the work-book you get:

8 lectures titled:

  • Uncommon hypnosis
  • Structured hypnotic inductions
  • Self-hypnosis
  • The language of hypnosis
  • Anchoring and pattern matching
  • More ways to communicate with a person's unconscious mind
  • Enhancing hypnotic communication
  • Primal emotional needs (your primal emotional needs and how to meet them)
  • Total lecture audio/video running time is 2 hours 26 minutes

The 'Hypnosis Unwrapped' course is carefully structured to support all learning styles, with;

  • overviews
  • written transcript of the video or audio lectures
  • summaries
  • tests
  • checklists
  • assignments

Additional material

  • 7 audio files, including 4 hypnosis inductions, total running time over 2 hours.
  • 1 hypnosis script, fully marked up with hypnotic language patterns
  • 6 articles, including a 'Primal Emotional Needs' self-test.

'Hypnosis Unwrapped' triple DVD and 70 page workbook. Total running time 3 hours 22 minutes

** If you already own the DVD set, buy the course without the DVDs here.**

Hypnosis Training DVD

Peaceful Moments CD containing 4 relaxation sessions. Total running time 61 mins 16 seconds

Insomnia Cure CD

Peaceful Moments scripts marked up with the hypnotic language patterns used

Peaceful Moments scripts

Log-in details for the Knowledge Lab, the online centre for tests and private support forum.

Knowledge lab

Access to course trainers Mark Tyrrell and Roger Elliott and other students via the private Knowledge Lab forum for 10 weeks.

Mark Tyrrell Roger Elliott

Full admin support throughout the course via email, phone, or via the Knowledge Lab.

Kirstin Asher
Kirstin Asher, Course Support

A heavyweight paper printed certificate on successful completion of the online tests.

Hypnosis Unwrapped Course Certificate

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Mark Tyrrell
Creative Director

Continuing Professional Development
The Hypnosis Unwrapped course provides 12 CPD hours.
In-house training
This therapy skills course can be presented to your group as an in-house workshop or seminar. Enquire about in-house training here.

James Stewart said:
"I think the "Hypnosis Unwrapped" DVDs were the cornerstone of the course."
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Rose Morgan said:
"I know I am, totally inspired by all the teaching you all impart at UNK"
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Pieter G Spies said:
"The course was far more than just content - or about the 'how to' do hypnosis for me."
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Louis van der Bank said:
"This course has good structure and clear building blocks..."
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Lynda Curlette said:
"Each session I attended we got a recap somewhat of the previous one..."
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