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Online Therapy Course Accreditation

Our online therapy skills courses are accredited by these external organisations

When you finish an Uncommon Knowledge online therapy course, you receive a certificate of completion. Our online courses are aimed primarily at already-practising therapists and counsellors and so we do not provide a ‘qualification’ via these courses at the moment. However, the different therapy skills courses are recognised in different ways by the organisations below:

The General Hypnotherapy Register (the GHR)
Relevant to: Hypnosis Unwrapped Foundation Course and Precision Hypnosis Advanced Course

Originally established following Department of Health guidelines that each separate Complementary & Alternative medical profession should have a single, central Register of Practitioners, the GHR are now actively participating within the Working Group for Hypnotherapy Regulation whose constituent members represent some 80% of the profession. The Group's primary purpose is to facilitate agreed standards within the profession and subsequently bring about voluntary self-regulation (VSR) - an officially recognised status - for the entire industry.

The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC)
Relevant to: Hypnosis Unwrapped Foundation Course and Precision Hypnosis Advanced Course

The GHSC acts as a link between the hypnotherapy industry and the Department of Health (DH), who has actively encouraged the Council to continue its work towards promoting the status of Voluntary Self-regulation (VSR) for the hypnotherapy profession. In this regard, the GHSC is currently participating, along with other professional bodies, within the recently established Working Group for Hypnotherapy Regulation whose purpose is to explore ways in which the industry may progress towards VSR.

Red Poppy
Relevant to: Rewind Technique Training Course

The Red Poppy Company provides an outstanding range of trauma management workplace counselling and training services designed to help both individuals and organisations alike.

Among the many services that the Red Poppy Company provides is a technique called Rewind. The treatment alleviates great personal suffering as well as preventing the social and professional costs of psychological disability and lengthy sickness absence.

Rewind breaks new ground in the treatment of psychological trauma – a proven, natural, safe and effective treatment that is non-drugs based. Rewind is not counselling.

The Rewind technique has helped to transform the treatment of psychological trauma and at the Red Poppy Company, we firmly believe that it should be used as a primary healthcare treatment.

CRSSTCentral Register of Stop Smoking Therapists
Relevant to: Smoking Cessation Course

Recognised by the CRSST as providing valid training in Smoking Cessation methods.

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Mark Tyrrell
Creative Director