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How our home study courses work

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How our home study courses work

Kirstin Asher

"Hi, my name's Kirstin and I am the course administrator here at Uncommon Knowledge. People often ask me how easy our home study courses are to do so I've put this together for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or call me on +44(0)1273 776770"

If you're considering taking one of our home study courses, this is how they work:

Stop Smoking Product Screenshot

Get your home study pack in the mail which includes the course workbook, USB stick and USB instruction sheet

USB Product

Insert the USB stick into your computer. This contains all the supporting materials (studio-recorded audio lectures, video PDF articles). If you need help using USB sticks, full instructions are included with the pack.

How it works Checklist

Complete each Session Checklist in the course workbook:

  • Listen to session lectures
  • Read overviews, summaries, articles and documents
  • Watch videos
  • Listen to mp3 audio files

Knowledge Lab logo

Log into the Knowledge Lab and ask questions in the private forum, enjoy watching videos (for some courses) and complete the tests

Smoking Course Certificate

Get your Certificate! (mailed out on completion of online tests)

Need Help? Visit the Help Centre

Mark Tyrrell
Creative Director