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Self Confidence Trainer


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Self Confidence

Self Confidence Audio Content

Double CD pack
Running time: 1 hour 45 minutes

Price: $60.00

CD 1: 68 minutes, 48 seconds.

1. Introduction.
2. The TEST Model - How to assess your confidence readiness for any situation. The Four pillars of lasting self-confidence. Why the past doesn't have to be a guide to the future.
3. The TEST Model Summary - a quick and easy way to remind yourself of the main points of the preceding section.
4. Learning confidence. Avoiding 'unseen' pessimism and negativity.
5. The 7 Key Skills of Naturally Confident People
6. 7 Key Skills Summary
7. How to think confidently. 3 major confidence mistakes. Avoiding the pitfalls of positive thinking.
8. Confidence mistakes summary.
9. How confident people view the world and how you can do it too - the keystone of confidence thinking.
10. Summary
11. How to relax when you need to. Using visualization and mental rehearsal properly. Hypnotic deep relaxation session to help you have more faith in yourself.

CD 2: 72 minutes, 27 seconds.

1. A hypnotic session to give you a reliable trigger for a confidence boost when you need it most.
2. Performance Patterning - training your brain to help you succeed, not trip up!
3. Performance Patterning Summary.
4. Confidence for Stressful Events. 3 Tips to use if you feel under confident or anxious. Effective emotional preparation for anxiety provoking situations. A hypnotic session you can listen to before upcoming events.
5. 7 Basic Human Needs for Good Self Confidence, Self Esteem and Happiness.
6. Summary - getting the most out of your Self Confidence Trainer.

The CD's were professionally recorded by a BBC sound engineer.

The Self Confidence Trainer costs $60.00 with Free shipping worldwide. You can buy online now through our secure server.
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Mark Tyrrell
Creative Director