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Instantly reframe clients' negative statements

Double CD pack, Price: $60.00
Running time: 1 hours 37 minutes

Powerful Reframes provides reframing techniques to help you help other people get better quickly

Powerful Reframes is a comprehensive training program in that most elusive of therapeutic skills - the subtle art of reframing.

Whether you are a hypnotherapist, counsellor, CBT practitioner or a helper of a different flavour, you will hear negative statements on a daily basis. And such negative beliefs can be so tricky to change. Which is why learning to flexibly reframe negative statements is so important all of us.

Changing meaning without arguing!

We all know how powerful an apposite and timely reframe can be - it can dissolve negative self statements in an instant. But we also know how it can go wrong. We have all slipped into arguing with clients, seen puzzled looks on their faces, and been overwhelmed by waves of negative self statements.

Learning reframing techniques has never been easy

While training therapists, we have spent many years developing effective ways to teach our counselling and therapy students how to create powerful reframes. When learning reframing you have to ensure the reframe fits the bill, you need structured techniques for creating reframes, and most importantly, you need to know when and how to deliver a reframe so it is most likely to 'take root'.

More of a 'learn reframing' course than an audiobook

Because reframing is a practical skill, we made Powerful Reframes an interactive product to ensure learning takes place, rather than just listening! And so when you take part in this double CD audio program you will participate in exercises that will ensure you properly digest the new conversational reframing techniques and concepts.

Within Powerful Reframes you will discover:

  • 8 practical exercise tracks to rehearse your new techniques
  • Many demonstrations from our therapist actors
  • 6 client case studies showing reframing techniques in action
  • A step-by-step approach to creating your own reframes
  • 8 summary tracks to make it easy to refresh your memory about the key points

It's easy to think of clever reframes later, but creating reframes during therapy sessions is what we are aiming for

We've all thought after a counselling session "now why didn't I think of that earlier!". And it's true, the skill of creating reframes 'on the fly' is a tricky one to learn. That's why we have created practical exercise tracks, and a step-by-step approach to crafting your own reframes; to help you rapidly develop unconscious competence in creating and delivering conversational reframes.

Our aim is that after using Powerful Reframes and completing the exercises, you'll find reframing easier in your very next client session.

Use stories, metaphor and analogy to reframe

Using stories or metaphor to reframe can seem more like magic than a practical skill, but using concrete approaches it is much easier than it may seem at first. Powerful Reframes includes a section on using metaphors in reframing that will help you make your communication more change-inducing:

  • How to use metaphor and analogy to deliver life-changing reframes
  • Why a client's own metaphors are the hidden door to their unconscious mind (and how you can slip your positive reframes through this door)
  • A simple technique for creating reframing metaphors
  • A classic story to help people put their past behind them
  • A reassuring, anxiety-reducing metaphorical reframe for panic attacks

Reframing using techniques from cognitive therapy

Cognitive therapists can use 'explanatory styles' to analyse the way a person sees the world. We show you how this simple model can be used to create powerful reframes and the booklet accompanying the pack gives a complete demonstration of how to do this. Whether you already know CBT techniques or not, the reframing explanations section will give you a framework to hang your reframes from.

The CBT explanatory styles model is also very useful when treating depression and you will learn exactly how to apply this to give depressed clients more flexibility in their thinking style.

And many other therapy and reframing techniques to help you help other people get better quickly

  • Why rapport is an essential pre-requisite for therapeutic reframing and how to build deep rapport quickly
  • Why high emotion is such a barrier to therapeutic progress and how to lower it
  • How to avoid breaking rapport when delivering reframes
  • How to normalise emotional problems without belittling them
  • How reframing can vaporise a depressive perspective and make it impossible for that view to re-assert itself
  • Why emotional states are part of black-and-white thinking and how to create reframes that induce a flexible thinking style, and so reduce levels of emotion
  • How to cast doubt non-verbally on a client's self-critical beliefs
  • How to design 'unarguable' reframes
  • How setting tasks can reframe problems powerfully and permanently
  • Using precise questioning to reframe
  • How to subtly alter your language to create reframes
  • How to reframe typical all-or-nothing statements such as "My life is ruined. "
  • How to spot disempowering labels and how to create how by de-labeling and re-labeling
  • The power of humour in therapy and when best to use it
  • The HOPE technique to show your clients to create reframes for themselves
  • A visualisation technique for reducing the emotion associated with bad memories

We know how difficult it can be to improve your reframing technique, especially with all the other pressures of running a busy practice. This is why we have spent so much time developing Powerful Reframes.

Once you have used this comprehesive double CD pack, you will feel empowered against the waves of negative statements that some clients can bring to a session. Your skill with reframing techniques will have expanded greatly. At least, that's our goal!

Our guarantee of your complete satisfaction (and hopefully delight!) with Powerful Reframes

As with all our products, if Powerful Reframes does not do exactly what you had hoped, simply send it back within 90 days for a full refund, no questions asked.

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Kirstin Asher
Kirstin Asher