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Self Confidence Trainer Testimonials

Double CD pack
Running time: 1 hour 45 minutes

Price: 34.95

"I just wanted to let you know that I have brought the Panic Prevention and the Confidence Trainer CD's and they are both really helping with the management of my panic disorder, they are literally a life saver and make so much sense."

"I used to think that there was no hope and that I was going mad but these CD's help me realise that there is another explanation and that other people suffer like I do."

"I am slowly getting the hang of it and finding some days I forget that I was ever an anxious person."

"I wanted to thank you and all others involved for creating something that makes sense and helps me believe I am ok. I couldn't have done it without these CD's"

Gemma Draper,
Executive Assistant,
Sydney, Australia

"The pack arrived on Monday. I listened to it and did the excercises yesterday, had an interview this morning and it was incredible the difference in my confidence. I am so amazed and delighted. Thank you."

Edward Barnes, London, UK

Colin Gillett "The prompt for me embarking on this was a management management development program. During the course I identified that one of my action areas was self confidence.

I have found the combination of your tutorials, the CD and the general learning prompted by the management course as a life changing experience. I have recommended your program to colleagues.

I will need to revisit the program to ensure the learning points are thoroughly absorbed but it been a revolution in my own perception of my experiences.

Although far from an unsuccessful person, I have found your program truly an inspiration and would have no hesitation in recommending it to others.

I was just lucky in sourcing such a program so quickly after identifying the need. Extremely sound work, keep up the program."

Colin Gillett
Maidstone, UK

Colleen Edwards

"I have just completed your Self Confidence Course and received the CD Trainer weeks ago. I had very good results with the course and the CD's the course and the CD's.

I am more relaxed now in situations where before I was riddled with anxiety. I can enjoy the moment more, instead of anticipating what may happen, how I come across etc.

Now I do not get down on myself as much, and my self-confidence is not affected so easily. I am able to offer opinions, whereas before I wouldn't dare.

I have so many dreams and desires for my life. I feel much more confident that they are possible.

Thank you so much for the course and CD trainer. Do not hesitate to contact me about future programs."

Colleen Edwards
Chattanooga, TN, USA

Kate S

"Dear Roger,
I'm so thrilled to have found out about Uncommon Knowledge.

A friend lent me the CD's and I was blown away after the first sitting.

Well, I have a long way to go but it feels so much more manageable when you know you're working towards a brighter future. Thank you!"

Kate S.
Brighton, UK

Simon Powell

"Thanks! My self confidence has come on by leaps and bounds :-D

I feel great when I go out now with friends. There was a point when all I would say was, 'Wow she looks nice', and leave it at that, but now I just go and chat or start a conversation.

My big fear was my Friends wedding, for which I am best man on Friday 3rd Aug 2001. I am now looking forward to doing my speech instead of worrying.

I now feel like a backbone of a group of people, helping out when everybody else seems shy. It is a wonderful feeling.

I also bought the confidence CD which too was a big help. The relaxation part of that CD is unbelievable, I don't think I have ever felt so relaxed and confident.

Thank you for all your help, it has turned my life around for the best."

Yours Very Gratefully
Simon Powell

Simon got back to us after the speech...

"It [the speech] went a lot better than I could have hoped for. I just got up and did it with out giving myself chance to worry.

It was really quite nice being the center of attention and enjoying it even for a few minutes. Quite a few people congratulated me on it which was nice.

I have got another one to do next year. I am looking forward to it now."

Simon Powell
Lancs, UK

Kelli Webster

"I wanted to take the time to let you know how much your course and CD's have helped me.

From the very first tutorial, I saw results. The first HUGE result was learning that you CAN change the way you think of yourself and that many of my thoughts were these 'Myths' and not truths.

Learning that they were myths was so invigorating. That alone gave me hope and turned my thinking around - which had a domino effect on the rest.

I have not yet finished all of the tutorials, but the first few have been EXTREMELY helpful, and was the first thing I found to really make a difference in the area of confidence.

For years, I have read books, seen speakers, gone to psychiatrists and hypnotherapists - all turning my thinking to one component: Why am I like this?

I couldn't figure out with all the knowledge I have why I couldn't become better and more secure.

I was stuck in it that's why! I was asking the wrong questions...instead of concentrating on what I can do to be better and different...more confident. Thank you. . .thank you . . .thank you!!!

I still have my moments when I still struggle - but instead of throwing my hands up and making it into a big ordeal like one of the styles mentioned on the Self Confidence Trainer CDs, I say 'OK I'm having a bad day, it'll pass.'

You have given me some great tools to use on my journey of life. Thank you very much!!"

Kelli Webster
Scottsdale, Arizona USA

Theresa DelGiudice

"Thanks so much for your interest in my accomplishments!!!! I have the CD pack and I listen to it every chance I get.

Well I'll tell you I feel like I have a personal trainer that I can constantly refer to over and over again. I am also going to use this for my children as a tool to help them in all their endeavors.

I thank you again this was a blessing."

Theresa DelGiudice
New Jersey, USA

Charlotte O'Neill

"Many thanks for the course. I have also ought and received your CD pack which I have just started listening to.

It has made me aware about how much time I spend worrying unnecessarily. I enjoyed the simple exercises which are helping me to develop positive thinking habits.

The course has also made me realise how empowering it is to be able to have faith in myself and abilities.

Thank you very much!

I would also like to stay in touch about course developments and other free courses."

Kind regards
Charlotte O'Neill
Cambridge, UK

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