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Storytelling CD

Double CD pack
Price: $60.00
CD1: 1hr 15 mins
CD2: 1hr 14 mins

STORIES have always been used to soothe troubled minds, illustrate new possibilities and simplify complex explanations. In children they delight, entertain and educate and in adults they can enhance creativity, aid learning and facilitate problem solving.

Regardless of who your listener is, the right tale at the right time rises above the criticisms and arguments of the conscious mind to settle gently among the fertile fields of the unconscious mind, where it can germinate and grow new options, ideas and understandings.

In Powerful Stories, master storyteller Rob Parkinson gives you:

- a wide palette of stories to use - ancient and new
- suggestions for their application
- tips for enhancing your storytelling skills
- experience of the rich history of tales

You will enjoy Robís use of traditional instruments, his many voices and consummate storytelling ability.

Listen to learn, or simply allow yourself to be carried away into Robís fantastic worlds.

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Mark Tyrrell
Creative Director