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Hypnobirthing - Part 1

Hypnobirthing Benefits - Part 2

Childbirth Relaxation - Part 3

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Benefits of Hypnobirthing


Learning hypnosis gives mothers 4 key benefits:

  • More time during pregnancy is spent in a relaxed state, benefiting the baby.
  • The mother regularly rehearses being relaxed during childbirth, greatly increasing the chances of being actually more relaxed during the birth. This allows good blood flow to the uterus, reducing pain from cramping, and maintains the production of oxytocin, giving the body the message that it is safe to give birth.

  • She has access to real skills that she can use during the birth, to bring down her pain levels and put her more in control of the birth process.

  • The relaxed state stimulates her body to release endorphins, natureís painkillers.
Mothers who learn how to activate the calming side of their nervous system have the best chance of a safer, more relaxed, shorter, and enjoyable natural childbirth with less pain.

Anxiety affects the uterus and increases pain

If we are faced with a real threat then fear is a perfect response but if this system is activated by anxiety during childbirth it causes the uterus, which is engorged with oxygenated blood, to suffer cramp due to lack of the essential nutrients and oxygen as the blood gets drawn away.

In addition, if the mind believes there is a threat it will decrease the production of oxytocin, the hormone that produces contractions, so labour slows down to stop the baby being born when the environment isnít safe.

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