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Hypnobirthing - Part 1

Hypnobirthing Benefits - Part 2

Childbirth Relaxation - Part 3

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Accessing relaxation for childbirth through self-hypnosis


This bio-chemical dance is a natural part of being a woman, as long as it is allowed to function properly.

This system is interfered with by high levels of emotion such as anxiety. By deep relaxation through self-hypnosis we allow this automatic part to work unhindered.

Self hypnosis produces a calm and happy state which when accessed during childbirth helps the birth process to progress naturally. A relaxed mind tells the body all is well, enabling just the right balance of hormones to be produced and so optimising the effectiveness of the contractions that dilate the cervix and allow the baby to be born.

Article by Jill Wootton. You can train online with Jill, at our hypnosis workshop, or professional hypnotherapy course.

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