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How our online distance learning therapy courses work

If you are considering taking one of our online therapy skills courses, this page will tell you how the conference call element of the courses works.

Kirstin Asher

"Hi, my name's Kirstin and I am the course administrator here at Uncommon Knowledge. People often ask me how easy our online training courses are to do so I've put this together for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me here or call me on +44(0)1273 776770"

1 Conference call phone

At the allotted time, call the number you've been given.

2 Online training chat

Enjoy talking with the course trainers and other delegates.

3 Therapy training knowledge lab

Log in to the Knowledge Lab and enjoy watching videos, reading and listening to conference call recordings.

4 Download course audio Missed the call?
Simply download the conference audio and listen at your leisure.

How the Knowledge Lab Works

Click the Play button below to view the Knowledge Lab video demonstration. We recommend viewing this video full-screen. To do that, click the square symbol at the bottom-right of the video player. Make sure your speakers are turned on or it's going to be a little boring.

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Kirstin Asher
Kirstin Asher