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Inspire Any Audience

Inspire any Audience

Author: by Tony Jeary

Review by Mark Tyrell

Inspire Any Audience

Do you enjoy public speaking? If you're anything like I used to be, it's about the worst part of your working life. All I wanted to do was survive unhumiliated, never mind being brilliant!

This book taught me how to not only survive, but how to relish public speaking. Rather than your typical 'over-hyped' offering, 'Inspire Any Audience' is a practical 'how to' book, with a wealth of easily-implemented ideas you can use right away.

Expertly laid-out with lots of bullet points, illustrations and tips, the book is easy to extract information from, and dip in and out of. It includes:
  • How to Deal with Presentation Nerves

  • Navigating the First 3 Minutes

  • Setting the Tone of your Presentation

  • Keeping Audience Attention

  • The Tools of the Trade - Making it Look and Sound Good (without too much effort!)

  • When and How to Use Summaries

  • Closing Well
And much more! It helped me turn public speaking from a horror experience into one I now love and look forward to! I heartily recommend it to anyone who has to speak in public.

Review by Mark Tyrrell

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Mark Tyrrell
Creative Director