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Public Speaking (or how to enjoy presentations)

Bryant Hilton, Dell PR

"Public speaking confidence can turn a former ordeal into a rewarding plesure" courtesy of Ed Schipul

It's 9am on a Monday morning. Public speaking couldn't be further from your mind and your manager tells you have to do a presentation to fifty colleagues next week. What's your response?

- Do you feel that public speaking is just part of the routine?
- Do you respond to the challenge and wonder how you can make your presentation compelling, informative and inspiring?

Or, like most people do you feel you would rather die than stand up and be judged by the hard unforgiving scrutiny of your fellow man and woman?

- Is it possible to be an average presenter and learn the skills to become an inspiring and entrancing speaker?
- Is it possible to be totally terrified of the mere thought of public speaking yet learn to relax and even enjoy it?

Without a doubt, the answer is YES!

Public Speaking on the Increase

It's a cliche to say that we live in an information culture. But it's true! Never before has so much information been so readily available. The rate of change and development is so fast that we have to work constantly to 'stay ahead of the game'

More than ever, people are having to present information to others as part of this constant up-dating. People are being increasingly called upon to present publicly their information to co-workers and other departments.

To get ahead, you have to present!

But how often are we taught how to present? There are 2 main areas of skill:

1) Skills of effective presenting; use of teaching aids, use of the voice, structure and so on.

2) Self-management; the ability to remain calm and composed in front of an audience.

Learning these skills make a huge difference not only to the quality of your public presentation but also to your enjoyment. Truly fantastic presenters are quite a rare commodity, but that's only because most people never took the time to learn.

Being an excellent presenter will enhance your career, social life and your enjoyment of work in general.

Great presenters can transform almost any subject into one of interest or even inspiration. A friend once told me that the most entertaining and thought provoking presentation they ever saw was about print processing!

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Roger Elliott
Managing Director

  "You can improve your public speaking by feeling more confident next time you present, with our public speaking hypnosis download."