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'Clear Thinking' Newsletter Archive

Back issues

January - Talking thoughts or talking feelings - does it matter?
January - 3 strategic ways to deploy the power of sub goals with your clients

December - 3 constructive ways to turn negativity into positive results with your clients
November - 7 essential emotional needs all parents need to know about
November - Why your thoughts just want to break free
October - 3 paradoxical parenting skills to manage challenging teens
October - 5 reassuring ways to reframe your depressed client's physical symptoms
October - 3 top tips for keeping therapy on track with parents and families
September - Why doing what you're told can be a very bad idea?
September - 3 timeless ways to create better futures for depressed clients
August - 3 smart steps to help depressed clients see a brighter future
August - 3 clever ways to teach your clients what they need to know
July - Are you sure your thoughts are your own?
July - 3 top tips to stop premature speculation in your clients
June - 3 easy ways to help your clients avoid the elastic band effect
June - 3 ways to ask powerful healing questions
May - Getting people to do it right
May - 3 smart ways to utilize identity to spur your clients to change
May - 3 ways to use the power of focus to elicit trance
April - 3 reasonable ways to reframe the unfairness of life
April - Fast track to healthy habits
March - 3 quick steps to enlist your client's subconscious mind to help them heal
March - Teaching people to be beautiful and strong
February - 3 automatic ways to help your clients feel better
February - Be a better wonderer
January - No way out? 3 ways to help therapy clients escape double binds
January - How to neatly avoid resistance in therapy

December - 3 trusty tips for dealing with resistant clients
November - How to stop the past from hurting you
November - 3 nifty ways to separate your client from their problem in therapy
November - 3 vital pointers for helping clients with grief
October - 3 open-minded ways to help the hypno-sceptic
October - Why do they do that? How to understand people
September - Simple ways to check for lifestyle health in therapy
September - 3 gentle ways to bring your clients out of hypnosis
August - 3 steps to help people overcome extreme jealousy
August - How to stop jinxing your future
July - How to deal with the expert therapy client
July - 3 ways to communicate client responsibility
June - How to relieve hypnotic performance anxiety
June - How to learn excellence from others
May - 4 wonderful ways to wipe away worries
May - 4 great therapy techniques for OCD
May - 3 cunning ways to communicate confidence in therapy
April - How to stop worrying yourself to death
April - How to get your clients to listen
March - How to use scaling in therapy
March - 3 ways to help couples back to love (or at least like!)
February - How well do you know yourself?
February - How to build deep rapport
January - How to stop your client's vicious circle of worry
January - Magical Therapy: 3 ways to use the miracle question

December - How to talk to the unconscious mind
December - Treating insomnia - a 3-point checklist
November - 4 types of therapeutic task for more flexible therapy
November - 3 key rules of reframing
November - How to avoid the damage caused by psychological labelling
October - Hidden in plain sight: how to use the power of exceptions
October - How to be a kind task master
September - 3 powerful ways to identify your client's real problem
September - How to sleep better with hypnosis
August - How to use modelling to teach new skills and attitudes
August - How to get self affirmations to work for you
July - How to overcome limitations
July - How to prepare clients for hypnosis
June - How to use metaphor to overcome depression
June - How to terminate therapy with your clients
June - How to solve problems with paradox
May - How to help first timers relax about hypnosis
May - How to use dissociation in hypnosis
April - How to increase your influence with clients
April - The secret of instant rapport
March - Maximize client motivation with the language of personal gain
March - 4 simple ways to measure progress with your depressed client
February - 3 ways to use hypnotic phenomena to aid therapy
February - Beating learned helplessness and depression
February - 3 more golden rules for choosing a hypnosis course
January - How to create stories for therapy
January - Using the environment to influence people

December - How to use surprise in hypnosis inductions
December - Setting Goals in Therapy
November - How beliefs work
October - Why Ericksonian hypnosis is the best
October - How to lift depression the easy way
September - 3 simple secrets of hypnotic language mastery
September - Why you need to relax - the low down on winding down
August - Two golden rules for choosing hypnosis training
August - How to avoid burnout when treating depressed people
July - 3 crafty ways to instantly boost self esteem in depressed people
July - 3 smart steps to create hypnotic amnesia in therapy
July - 3 wily ways to make your clients more receptive
June - 3 steps to overcome limiting beliefs in your clients
June - How to avoid client discomfort in the Rewind Technique
May - How to get more smokers to really want to quit
May - How to stop people smoking
April - Metaphor
March - Pain Control
February - Eliciting hypnotic phenomena
January - Skeptical about hypnosis?

December - Hypnotic Confusion
November - Meaning of Dreams
October - Stockholm Syndrome
September - Charisma
August - Hypnosis and memory
July - Resistance Hypnosis
June - Stop Lying to Yourself
May - Placebo Hypnosis
April - Shock Hypnosis
March - Fear Hypnosis
February - Mind/Body Hypnosis
January - Affluneza

December - Labelling
November - Avoid Mistakes
October - Freud
September - Bystander Apathy
August - What is Hypnosis?
July - Stop Smoking
June - Smile
May - Generosity
April - Power of Confidence
March - Decision Making
February - Madness
January - Phantom Limb

December - Bullying
November - Know Yourself
October - Snakes
September - Being Funny
August - Worry
July - Stories
June - Hugs
May - Suggestibility
April - Be Great Late
March - Daydreaming
February - Stress and Fat
January - Bravery

December - Self Esteem
November - News Lies
October - Contempt
September - Mirror Image
August - Emotion
July - Hypnotherapy
June - Persistence
May - Relaxation Breathing
April - Hypnosis Training
February - Positive Psychology
January - Social Proof

December - Setting Goals
November - Anti-depressants
October - Praise & Self Esteem
September - Making Friends
August - Inner Child?
July - Self Discipline
June - Happiness
May - Dreams
March - Inspiration
February - Antidepressants
January - Depression & Anger

 December - Hypnosis & Memory
 November - Personal Development
 October - Hypnosis & Anger

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