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Lyndsay Swinton

Performance Manager

Lyndsay Swinton is an experienced people manager and team leader and is Uncommon Knowledge's personal development and coaching expert.

She has earned her spurs in a variety of management environments, from factory floor to tech teams. Having graduated with a first class honours engineering degree from Strathclyde University in Glasgow, Scotland, Lyndsay completed the Guinness Graduate Training Scheme, designed to get green graduates up to speed fast.

Several years, and two blue chip companies later, Lyndsay has gained wide practical experience of people management and motivation. Grass roots experience was earned managing a factory shop floor, study was done at top colleges including Ashridge and Uncommon Knowledge, and most recently experience gained working in a complex matrix environment, crossing international boundaries.

Lyndsay has received formal recognition for her leadership abilities, ranked highly against her peers at annual appraisals and most importantly regularly receives glowing feedback from her team about her human approach to management.

Much of her learning comes from having made her fair share of mistakes and being on the receiving end of poor management. She loves to help others fulfill their potential, and gains no greater satisfaction than seeing a team member surprise themselves with their abilities.

She runs her own management website: Management for the rest of us

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Lyndsay Swinton
Performance Manager