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Self help psychology that makes sense - strictly no psychobabble!

If you have been browsing the web for self help psychology, you will probably have arrived here somewhat confused. Because so much so-called self help psychology out there makes things more complicated, rather than simpler, here at Uncommon Knowledge we keep psychology simple. If you need help with a psychological problem, the last thing you need is more complication. You may also find our Personal Development articles useful.

  • Are you in the smoking cult?
    Are you in the smoking cult? Here's how to quit
  • Insomnia - Searching for Sleep and an Insomnia Cure
    Searching for sleep and an insomnia cure? Find out why sleeping problems are so common.
  • Self confidence
    Learn self confidence and approach things in a new and more confident way.
  • Low Self Esteem
    Low self esteem is a cause and symptom of depression, anxiety and anger problems. Avoid the perfect self esteem trap with these soft skills for low self esteem and help handling your emotions

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    Managing Director