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Now you can train online with Uncommon Knowledge, wherever in the World you are...

You may already know about Uncommon Knowledge's reputation for stimulating, effective and enjoyable training. What you may not be aware of is that you can now train with us from anywhere in the World via our distance learning online classroom The Knowledge Lab.

In the Knowledge Lab, you can take a variety of courses in therapy skills ranging from hypnosis to rapid depression treatment, participate in teleclasses, join forum discussions and access a wide range of learning materials, including written documents, audio and video.

Free Depression Seminar

'5 things you must do when treating depression (and 3 things to avoid)' - click here for more info

To read about our current online courses, see the links below:

  • Hypnosis Unwrapped Online - learn natural, conversational hypnosis and gain the skills to hypnotise anyone, without the need for scripts. (You can check the quality of our hypnosis training with our free 'Learn Hypnosis' course).
  • How to lift depression quickly - learn the simple and powerful steps to alleviating depression in 95% of your clients within 6 sessions
  • Rewind Technique training course - learn how to treat phobias and trauma (PTSD) in a single session with live teleclasses inside our unique Knowledge Lab.
  • Precision Hypnosis - Precision hypnosis for the practitioner who wants to blend hypnosis invisibly and effectively into any interaction.
  • Smoking Cessation Training - How to stop anyone smoking
    Learn the Uncommon method to stop your clients smoking for good. Includes 10+ hypnosis scripts and over 3 hours of hypnosis audio and a way of approaching smoking cessation that will skyrocket your results.
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