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Relationship Quiz

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Research Based Relationship Quiz


This quiz is based on the relationship research outlined in the article 'Research Based Relationship Advice.' If you have not read the article yet, it may be a good idea to do that before completing the relationship quiz. That way, you will get a better idea of how the quiz works, and what the scores and recommendations in your results are based upon.

* Note: To get an accurate result from your relationship quiz, please answer all the questions.

1) How often do you feel anxious about bringing up a touchy subject?

A) Every time
B) Most times
C) Sometimes
D) Rarely
E) Never

2) How often does your partner respond to a complaint or criticism with anger or irritation?

A) Every time
B) Most times
C) Sometimes
D) Rarely
E) Never

3) How soon after an argument or disagreement do you usually 'make friends'

A) As part of the same conversation
B) Within half an hour
C) The same day
D) The next day
E) Several days later

4) How often do start with 'You' when you broach tricky subjects?

A) Every time
B) Most times
C) Sometimes
D) Rarely
E) Never

5) Which of these sentences is the best way to complain?

A) Don't do that again, it makes me feel awful
B) You did that thing again
C) You always do that, you obviously don't care
D) It makes me feel bad when you do that
E) You uncaring, selfish wretch!

6) If something about your partner is bothering you, should you

A) Bring it up with them as soon as you notice it
B) Wait until you are having dinner that night
C) Bring it up in a loving way in bed that night
D) Wait a few days to see if it is still a problem
E) Discuss it with your friends

7) If your partner is rude towards you, do you

A) Be rude back
B) Stay calm, but let them know it's not acceptable
C) Show them you are angry about it
D) Accept they are having a bad day and look lovingly at them
E) Leave the room crying

8) How often do you seriously consider advice from your partner?

A) Every time
B) Most times
C) Sometimes
D) Rarely
E) Never

9) How often do you and your partner pursue leisure activities and interests together?

A) Every day
B) Once or twice a month
C) Every second day
D) Once a week
E) Never

10) If you feel your partner is nagging and whining at you, Are you most likely to:

A) Really try to understand exactly what they are upset about and if necessary attempt to change some aspect of your behaviour
B) Become angry and yell at them to shut up and go bother some one else
C) Listen for as long as you can until you can't take any more then 'explode' and yell at them
D) Politely listen but probably not seek to change your own behaviour, after all 'this will pass.'
E) 'Switch off' by turning the TV up, doing something else, or walking away

11) Do you actively put time aside just to spend exclusively talking to and listening to your partner:

A) Every day
B) Once or twice a month
C) Every second day
D) Once a week
E) Never

12) When you think of your partner when they are absent are you likely to:

A) Nearly always feel loving and affectionate towards them
B) Feel some degree of warmth occasionally
C) Feel bitter and resentful when ever you think of them
D) Feel warm much towards them much of the time
E) Feel cool towards them most of the time

13) During a disagreement do you bring in unrelated wrong doings committed by your partner, sometimes from long ago:

A) Never. You always just stick to the subject in hand
B) Always - it makes your argument stronger and lets them know you haven't forgotten
C) Sometimes
D) Very seldom
E) Most of the time

14) You have resorted to physical violence on your partner:

A) Once or twice
B) You've felt like it but never done it
C) Quite often
D) It's never an issue even in your mind
E) Very regularly

15) You feel really listened to and understood by your partner:

A) Always
B) Most of the time
C) Sometimes
D) Very rarely
E) Never

16) If you have a problem, how likely are you to discuss it with your partner?

A) They're almost always the first person you share it with
B) It depends what it is
C) You might not even broach it with them
D) You'll definitely tell them but not necessarily before a friend
E) You feel you can't share anything with them

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Important Note: This relationship quiz is a simple tool, more for fun than anything else. If you need help with your relationship, consider seeing a professional.

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