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If you are a therapist of any persuasion; counsellor, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, bodyworker, in fact anyone who works in the helping professions, you can glean valuable, actionable ideas, tips and techniques from Clear Thinking.

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Every newsletter issue contains one short, punchy article that you can read in 2 minutes, which will contain ideas you can put into action with your very next client. Often, this includes a real therapy case study that will make the technique real for you.

We put a lot of work into every article to make it as useful as possible for you; in return all we ask is that you read them! We will mention relevant related online therapy skills courses when appropriate. Does that sound like an OK deal to you?

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Clear Thinking therapy techniques bulletin back issues.

Sample therapy techniques articles from previous issues of the Clear Thinking newsletter

How to avoid client discomfort in the Rewind Technique
3 protective language techniques for treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and phobias

6 things you can say to smokers to increase their quitting motivation
Discover how 'splitting the person from the problem' can help you help people quit smoking more easily

How a clever wee lad can help you help people stop smoking
How to use a fundamental principle of behaviour that makes treating smoking and addiction so much easier.

3 steps to overcoming limiting beliefs in your clients
Self-limiting beliefs can be a major roadblock to effective therapy. Learn a tried-and-tested model to overcome blocks, clearing the way for change.

3 ways to make your clients more receptive
People aren't always able to abandon their ideas or habits just because you ask them to. See how you can help people become more open to your therapeutic suggestions.

3 steps to create hypnotic amnesia in therapy
Is amnesia one of those ‘advanced’ hypnotic techniques you’ve always been hesitant to try with your clients? Read on to learn how it’s all much easier than you think.

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