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Find Out How Hypnosis works

Audio Cassette
Running time: 1hour 15 Minutes

"Hypnosis is supported by more scientific evidence than any other complementary therapy", says The Health Education Authority (UK).

When you use this self hypnosis training tape you will:

Learn how hypnosis works

Experience deep hypnotic relaxation with 2 powerful indirect inductions

Understand the link between hypnosis and creativity

Know why hypnotic relaxation is so good for you and how and when to use it to gain the most benefit

Learn about constructing hypnotic language and how to blend it into your everyday communication

Discover how hypnotic or trance figures in everyday life, and so gain control of it, rather than the other way round!

This self hypnosis tape is about modern, indirect, Ericksonian hypnosis - sometimes called the 'conversational' approach - rather than the old-fashioned 'you will do this, you will do that'. You will see how hypnotic language can be woven into everyday communication.

By using the tape, you will gain an understanding of hypnosis, more control over areas of your life and above all, access to deep, easy relaxation.

Price: 12.95 (€, $)

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Mark Tyrrell
Creative Director