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Snake Phobia Cure Testimonial

DVD pack
Running time: 1 hour

Price: £45

"It was particularly useful to see the client exposed to a snake after his phobia treatment..."
by Keith Guy

"We at Red Poppy Company thought the quality of this 'Snake Phobia Cure DVD' was excellent, with good sound and picture quality and first-rate presentation at the beginning by the training manager."

"It was particularly useful to see the client exposed to a snake after his phobia treatment as this made the DVD comprehensive in itís approach and achievement."

"The actual demonstration of the rewind was fascinating and displayed a huge array of therapeutic work and skills. The underpinning nature of the Uncommon Knowledge approach was shown and we saw relaxation, reframing, and the opening up of new possibilities."

"The running time of the DVD was about right at an hour and would not benefit from being either longer or shorter."

"This is an excellent training DVD and we intend to use it when we wish to demonstrate practically the therapeutic approach we use. We recommend this DVD for any person engaged in working with mental and emotional distress. The rewind treatment needs to be a first line treatment for post trauma, phobia and all resulting depression, addiction and anxiety. The scope for this treatment and DVD is limitless."

This story came from Keith Guy who is the Managing Director of the Red Poppy Trauma Treatment Company, UK.

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Mark Tyrrell
Creative Director