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Personal Development Centre

The personal development resources here at Uncommon Knowledge are sound, research-based and practical. As psychology training specialists, we ensure all our information is up-to-date with the latest research. You can choose from:

Psychology articles with a twist
 We've done our very best to ensure our self help and psychology articles are more than a little uncommon, so they may make you laugh, as well as think! To make it easier for you, the most-read articles are listed on the right.
(Articles are also available in downloadable PDF format.) View all articles...

Online self help courses
Uncommon Knowledge aim to provide information to those that need it, regardless of ability to pay. Therefore, our free self help courses are second to none in the quality and depth of help they provide. View all courses...

Self help products
All our tapes, CDs, and e-books (see below) are backed by a 90-day unconditional guarantee. Thousands of people regularly buy Uncommon Knowledge products for their reliable information and quick results. Areas covered include personal development, self improvement and self help. View all products...

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