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Chat with Uncommon Knowledge on Facebook

Come and join the hubbub on the Uncommon Knowledge Facebook page and get a free download into the bargain!

Facebook has been somewhat of a revolution for Uncommon Knowledge in that for the first time we are able to chat with our customers and followers in real time. When we first started the Uncommon Knowledge Facebook page it was amazing how quickly the group grew, and we soon had thousands of fans.

Not only does Facebook provide an 'all in one place' way to keep up with what Uncommon Knowledge are doing, it also enables you to ask any questions you have about our articles, get clarification on products and give us any feedback that you feel would be valuable.

Every article we publish (often 3 or 4 per week) gets listed on the page, plus we post other links of interest such as items on popular psychology, motivation, hypnosis and occasionally, totally unrelated stuff that's so funny we couldn't resist.

Plus, you'll see plenty of photos of the Uncommon Knowledge team in various compromising situations, including footage of Dougal the office dog who is the secret head of the organisation.

So I hope that's convinced you to come over and join in the conversation - see you on Facebook!

How the Facebook group works

As a Fan of the Uncommon Knowledge Facebook page, you are able to post on our wall without moderation. However, we do have to put limits on this because as the group grows, some nefarious individuals see it as free advertising space. So if you wish to promote your own group or product, please contact us first, otherwise your post will be banished to cyber-netherland.

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Roger Elliott
Managing Director