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Creative Choice in Hypnosis:
The Seminars, Workshops and Lectures of Milton H Erickson

Creative Choices in Hypnosis

Author: Margaret L Ryan & Ernest L Rossi (Editors)

Review by Roger Elliott

Creative Choices in Hypnosis

Volume four in a series of four, Creative Choices in Hypnosis gives the reader more opportunities to observe the workings of Milton H Erickson and extract from his case studies his methods and approaches.

The four books in the series are basically a vast storehouse of case histories, stories and transcripts from training given by Milton H Erickson.

Perhaps more suitable if you have had some experience of Erickson's work already, the commentaries by the editors are nonetheless useful in suggesting explanations of what Erickson is doing. That said, it's likely that you'll spot things that they've missed!

It's our collective opinion here at Uncommon Knowledge, that if you work therapeutically with people in any way, you are doing yourself and your patients a disservice if you don't take a look at what Milton Erickson was doing.

Creative Choice in Hypnosis Chapter Headings

Part I Creative Choice Versus Manipulation in Hypnosis

Part II Facilitating Inner Work Through 'Manipulation'

Part III Hypnotic Induction and Suggestion: Creative Choice in Sensory Experience and Behaviour

Part IV Choice, Paradox, and Meaning in Hypnotherapy

Part V Creative Choice with Therapeutic Double Binds

Part VI Expanding Human Potentials in Illness and Injury

Part VII Creative Choice in Therapeutic Hypnosis

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Roger Elliott
Managing Director