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Roger Elliott

Managing Director

Managing Director of Uncommon Knowledge, Roger has created websites for Uncommon Knowledge on topics including depression, panic attacks, hypnosis and self confidence. He co-authored the ebook ‘How to Raise Self Esteem in Others’ and 'The Depression Learning Path', plus the audio programs 'The Self Confidence Trainer', Panic Prevention Program', 'Deep Sleep Program' and 'How to Use Hypnosis to Help Yourself and Others'.

He has gained a reputation for creating original, entertaining and effective training materials.  In addition to maintaining a busy private practice, Roger manages new product development for Uncommon Knowledge and undertakes research into developing areas of psychology.
Articles by Roger Elliott
Dreams and Dreaming - Why we Dream and What they Mean (with Mark Tyrell)
• Do You Really Need 'Emotional Intelligence' ?
• Searching for Sleep and an Insomnia Cure
Anxiety and Panic Attacks
Phobias - Strange but Simple, Terrible but Treatable (with Mark Tyrrell)
• The Pitfalls of Positive Thinking - Affirmations Versus Optimism
• The Truth About Relaxation
Worrying Well - Learn to Worry Well and Benefit from Stress
• 7 Basic Human Needs for Good Mental Health and Emotional Well-being
• Why An Optimistic Outlook Will Make You Healthy, Wealthy and More Popular!
• Research-based Relationship Advice
• Hiking to Happiness
• The unspoken outcome of setting goals

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Roger Elliott
Managing Director