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Dr David Lewis

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Dr David Lewis BSc (Hons) DPhil, FISMA. FINSDT. C. Psychol. is a psychologist, author and award-winning broadcaster. David, a researcher specialising in neuropsychology is a Chartered member of the British Psychological Society and a Fellow of both the International Stress Management Association and the Institute of Directors. His current research interests involve studying changes in brain activity under different stimulus conditions. His many books include The Secret Language of Your Child, Thinking Better, Know Your Own Mind; The Secret Language of Your Handwriting, The Secret Language Of Success, The Doctors - Heart Attack Recovery Plan, One-Minute Stress Management, The Alpha Plan, Life Unlimited: Peak Performance Past Forty, Ten Minute Time and Stress Management and Information Overload - Practical Strategies for Surviving in Today’s Workplace, The Soul of the New Consumer: Authenticity: What People Buy and Why in the New Economy.

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