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Solution focused thinking Get out of your own way


Based on the tried-and-tested principle of giving your unconscious mind the pattern you want it to follow, rather than one you don't want it to follow, here are some 'Solution Focused Thinking' tricks:

  • Instead of thinking "I hope I don't mess up the interview" and imagin-ing everything going wrong

    ask yourself

    "What will it feel like when I've finished the interview and can look back on a job well done?"

  • Instead of "I just know I'll feel stupid and isolated at the party"

    take control and replace it with

    "What will it be like to feel just as relaxed and sociable as I do when I'm alone with my best friend?"

  • Instead of "Please let me get through the presentation without making a complete fool of myself"

    how about

    "I wonder how I'll feel once I've made a great job of it?"
The only answer to questions like these is a positive emotion. A positive emotion that will help 'stick' the pattern you are aiming for.

The effort is worth it
And yes, I know it's easier said that done. Almost everything is. But this will pay you back in spades.

If you are a long-term entrenched negative thinker, it will take serious effort to change your thinking style this way.

But you can do it. The trick is to persevere patiently, quietly and unstoppably. Never give up. And soon, you will notice things starting to happen.

You will feel more hopeful, less anxious, more motivated, excited and positive about what the future holds, and what's more, you'll actually start performing better.

In summary
I can't stress enough how important the information in this Flash of Insight is. If you understand it and follow it, you will be gaining the skills that successful people have naturally.

And what's more, you'll inoculate yourself against all the most common men-tal illnesses anxiety, depression, anger and so on.

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Roger Elliott
Managing Director

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