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Kristin Ellingham, Kettering, UK

"I feel I have to write to you to speak of the fantastic team at Uncommon Knowledge. I had signed up to a course which I was extremely looking forward to, unfortunately due to difficulties I was unable to attend this course. I explained to Kirstin my problem and the response I had back from her was completely unexpected, not only did she take the time out to send me a sympathetic letter but she also refunded my deposit. Kirstin/the team did not have to do this and i am deeply touched by this action. (Although at this point I must say I have always been treated with great respect and warmth by all of the team)"

"There was never any doubt in my mind Uncommon Knowledge is the best in their field and offers the very best training, but I also know now they really do care for their people as well."

"To be a part of Uncommon Knowledge is like being part of a very large family, I consider myself very lucky to be a part of this "family""

"Once again, please accept my sincere thanks Kirstin, and I hope to be in touch in the very near future to resume my studies with you."

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Roger Elliott
Managing Director